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Our experience in Filmmaking

Our team behind Teckers, are specialists in their field. That’s what we are about, getting to experts of their industries to talk truthful knowledge and experience.

We have been professional Filmmakers/Video Editors for over a decade now. You can actually see us in action at Stunt Camera Crew, a company specialising in action filming for commercial & TV that we created many years back. With this experience, we want to spread to knowledge we have learned over the years. We were surprised to find there’s a lot of Filmmaking tutorials and news dotted around other websites that are written by people who are not Filmmakers. This can cause the wrong message to be interpreted by the readers, therefore not being genuine information. This is why we created Teckers. You will only find quality truthful information and cool stuff from experts on our website. None of that BS only created to get affiliate commissions.

Video editing tutorials & camera gear reviews

Our team are constantly testing new gear such as the RED Komodo, Gimbal Back Supports & Camera Monitors. We’re also very passionate about video editing and have gained years of experience creating films in lifestyle, corporate, music, sports and much more.

We’ve had extensive experience from entry-level gear, all the way to top-quality cinema rigs. This is why we’re so confident in bringing you quality information that other blogging website don’t know about.

Teckers covers a wide range range of top-level software such as Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX, After Effects, Cinema4D, Filmora and much more. We’ve gone into such deep detail and shared some secret sauce on methods used by the pros. Take a look at tutorials such as how to remove green screen in DaVinci Resolve, using multi-camera in Premiere Pro and how to make water in Cinema4D.