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V-RAPTOR ST – The Latest from RED Digital Cinema

Raptor red digital cinema
Published 8 September 2021

Last updated on 5 July 2022

Since RED Digital Cinema announced the release of the V-RAPTOR camera, there has been a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this impressive device. The camera is the most recent flagship 8K cinema camera from this company, packed with different kinds of characteristics for anyone looking for a top-notch device.

The camera is capable of recording REDCODE RAW 8K video up to 120fps and includes a Canon RF lens mount where you can set this cinema camera. It is also the first-ever DSMC3 set of cameras, adding to the anticipation. The RED V-RAPTOR ST has different offers in a small compact unit.

V-raptor st- digital cinema camera product

Specifications and Features of the V-RAPTOR ST

CMOS Sensor and Lens Mount

In the V-RAPTOR ST is an 8K VV 35.4-megapixel CMOS sensor at its centre. It has a measurement of 1.61 inches by 0.85 inches and offers 8192 x 4320 pixels. The sensor can capture up to an impressive 17 stops of dynamic range.

The front part of the sensor has a Canon RF lens mount, connected with different support for other lenses like the RF lens and the Canon EF mount lens.


The V-RAPTOR ST camera is built with aluminium alloy, and this gives it a comfortable and lightweight of about 4 pounds. The design accommodates Micro V-Lock batteries because it is fitted with a V-Lock battery interface. Asides from this, you can also power the RED camera through another source via the 11-17V 5-pin DC-IN connection.

V-raptor body

Recording Resolution

Another characteristic of the V-RAPTOR ST is its ability to record REDCODE RAW codec images of 16-bit, at up to 120 fps. It can record at 8K 17:9, but if the resolution is reduced to 2K 2.4:1, the frames per second can achieve up to 600fps.

Other Ports in the V-RAPTOR ST Camera

The V-RAPTOR ST camera comes with different ports that you can use to connect different accessories. These include an XLR audio interface fitted with a phantom power adapter and two 4K 12G-SDI outputs. There is an in-built 2.4-inch LCD that makes it easy to operate the camera.

You can use the display to navigate the different camera settings and connections before taking pictures and videos.

Apart from physical ports, there is also wireless connectivity to different devices. You can use the wireless connection to transmit 1080p live preview video over 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi, ideal for composing shots.

You can use the camera with Android and iOS devices, whether with USB-C devices or Wi-Fi. They work as a LiveView display and control the settings of the camera wirelessly.

Red raptor st ports


The pricing is between $24,500 and about $29,600. You can choose to go for the starter pack or the V-Raptor ST pack.

RED Komodo vs. V-Raptor ST

There’s a clear difference is body size with the RED V-Raptor and Komodo. The V-Raptor ST has a larger body capable of handling much more power and features than the Komodo.

I imagine the Komodo will still be the favourite for crass-cams and action based scenes. Although the Raptor isn’t far off the same size, so maybe it would be better to use that whenever possible.

Red komodo vs v-raptor

Last Take on the V-RAPTOR ST Camera

With the fantastic offers expected from the V-RAPTOR ST camera, it’s not surprising that many camera and film making enthusiasts are excited about this release. The camera has impressive fittings and high quality, all offered at a reliable price. If you’re excited about this new camera, you can also purchase it from RED.


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