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The Best Animated Backgrounds for Content Creators + Free Download

Animated backgrounds
Published 31 August 2021

Last updated on 6 May 2022

If you need a way to add some pizzaz to your video content, then look no further. A simple way to increase a video’s production quality is to utilize animated backgrounds. Using a combination of animated backgrounds with a logo displayed on top would be sure to bring an eye-catching presence to your content on screen.

Why Should an Editor Consider Animated Backgrounds?

An editor should consider an animated background element for its ability to mould the video content into a polished piece. The elements provided by an animated background package will give an editor options for on-screen animation pieces that can liven up a video.

Editors can now choose to drop in purchased animated backgrounds instead of using their single color background slide (which can be quite boring). These animated backgrounds will provide better contrast for the logo to be displayed prominently.

What are Animated Backgrounds used for?

Firstly, an animated background element will often come in a package set of several professionally crafted motion graphics that aim for widespread use in video content. These backgrounds will give the viewer a sense of higher production value and elevate the viewer’s experience overall. 

Animated backgrounds aren’t limited to use in video production editing. It’s possible to use them in the graphic design space, for website design, edits in Adobe Photoshop, and more.

Where Can I Buy an Animated Backgrounds pack?

You can purchase a pack of 20 lengthy animated backgrounds at They have a wide range of professionally crafted animated background packages.

Bounce Color’s animated backgrounds come in a high-quality 6K resolution and like all animated backgrounds, they are easily dragged and dropped into any video editing software timeline.


Animated backgrounds give editors and content creators a way to create enthralling content above the “everyday creator”. These elements provide a higher production value and increase the content’s overall retention rate.

One thing that sets apart these animated backgrounds from other competitor bundles would be the fact that Bounce Color produced its animated backgrounds with real cinema cameras.

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