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How To Edit Text In Premiere Pro

Editing text in premiere pro
Published 30 April 2022

Last updated on 29 August 2022

Knowing how to edit text in Premiere Pro is a fundamental task and a crucial skill to learn, depending on the type of projects you’ll be creating in the future. Nonetheless, it’s a convenient thing to know regardless of whether you’ll be using it within your projects or not. Let’s get to it.

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Quick Guide

Navigate to the graphics panel by going to Windows > Workspaces > Graphics. You can browse several templates in the graphics panel for adding text to your project.

Add templates by dragging them into your sequence. Once done, double-click on the text in the preview window, and now you can edit your text.

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How to Edit Text in Premiere Pro – Step by Step

1. Navigate to the graphics panel

Find your way to the graphics panel by clicking on Window along the top of the Premiere Pro software. Once this is done, scroll down to Workspaces and select it. The Graphics panel will appear just above the preview window at the top of your project. Select it.

Graphics tab, essential graphics

2. Selecting your chosen template

If you followed the steps correctly so far, you’d see the Essentials Graphics panel on the right-hand side of the Premiere Pro software. Click on Browse. This will show you graphics templates that you can use by dragging them into your sequence.

Drag title into timeline

3. Editing your text

Once you’ve dragged your chosen template into your sequence, the only remaining task is to double-click on the text in your preview window. A red box will appear around your text; you can now start editing the text however you like.

If you’d like to add effects to your text and edit it differently, you can apply different effects to the template by going to Effect Controls and dragging the effects over your text clip in the sequence.

Essential graphics panel

Video tutorial on creating basic text in Premiere Pro

Creating cinematic text in Premiere Pro


Learning how to edit the text in Premiere Pro is incredibly easy and straightforward. You can also imagine how useful it can be in so many different projects.

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