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Does DaVinci Resolve Have a Watermark? + Get Studio for Free

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Published 9 August 2022

DaVinci Resolve is an excellent editing software for your video and audio files. However, its watermark features have always been a problem for users. The software has a free version, but does it have a watermark?

DaVinci Resolve has a free version, which includes features that do not have a watermark. However, you can use a limited number of pro features, but some may include a watermark. You will need to purchase the pro version to use it completely without a watermark.

Knowing how to use the free version without the watermark can be enough to edit small-to-medium-sized projects. This article will explain which DaVinci Resolve features can trigger watermarks.

What is DaVinci Resolve?

Many consider DaVinci Resolve as the best editing software. If you have never used it, what is it? 

DaVinci Resolve combines the best video editing features and tools into one software. It has everything from color grading and VFX, to complete audio post-production and motion graphics. The software is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Linux.

The most significant advantage of DaVinci Resolve is that you do not have to download multiple software programs or applications for video and audio editing. This makes editing faster and allows you to maintain quality.

DaVinci is most well-known for its color grading tools. The majority of films and TV shows you see on TV today use DaVinci Resolve in some way or another. Films such as Avatar, Dead Pool, Kingsman, and many more. Take a look at more films that used DaVinci Resolve here.

All in one post production

Pricing plans available

There are two pricing plans. Learn about the differences between DaVinci Resolve Free & Studio.


There is a comprehensive free version available.



The studio version costs $295, or £255.

Two versions davinci resolve

How can I get the Studio version for free?

You can actually get the studio version of DaVinci Resolve with any Blackmagic camera! So if you’re looking to get a new camera, I would always highly recommend Blackmagic cameras. They are incredible. Plus, you will get Studio for free.

Bmpcc 6k pro

How to avoid the watermark in the free version

If you were interested in avoiding the watermark in the free version of DaVinci Resolve, the good news is that this is possible.

You can export videos without a watermark using the features that come free with the free version only, but you must buy the studio version to use the pro features and export files without a watermark. 

Buying the Studio version is, therefore, the safest way to use the pro feature without a watermark.

Features you can use with the free version of DaVinci Resolve

Despite the limitation, the free version is good enough for aspiring editors handling projects such as home videos, influencer videos, YouTube videos, and even small films. 

The main features available with the free version are:

  • Color grading – you can give your video a new look by using color grading. The feature allows you to completely change the color tone of your file and create a fresh look. For example, you can change the scene from autumn to spring. 
  • Audio post-processing – this feature has many editing tools for audio-post processing. Using these tools, you can create professional-grade audio files. 
  • Visual effects – using the free version, you can create excellent visual effects that rival any paid software. From creating explosions to thunderstorms, the VFX feature in the free version can do it all. 

You can visit the official website and download the free version. The download process for both studio and the free version is quite different.

Davinci features

Features you cannot use in the free version

Some of the features that you will not be able to use with the free version are:

  • Motion blur
  • Noise reduction
  • Face detection
  • Accelerated decoding
  • Video resolution of more than 2k
  • Custom video ratios
  • Multiple GPUS
  • The neural engine
  • Object removal
  • Speed wrap
  • Lens correction 
  • Superscale


The option to use the free version without a watermark makes DaVinci Resolve a one-stop solution for editors. Even with a few features missing from the free version, it is good enough for new video editors. However, large-scale production houses and studios may prefer the Studio version.

With all the editing tools packed into one, DaVinci Resolve makes editing faster and cleaner.

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