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How to Delete Render Cache in DaVinci Resolve [Fastest Method]

Delete render cache in davinci resolve
Published 23 February 2021

Last updated on 5 July 2022

If you are new to DaVinci Resolve, after a while, you might have noticed something rather curious. After a few completed projects, you will find your Windows drive lacking free space.

This is happening because DaVinci doesn’t automatically delete working folders. You get a working folder for render cache, gallery stills, and even optimized media files only if you choose to generate them to reduce the demand on your hardware.

Therefore you might find it really helpful to know how to delete render cache and optimized media files.

It’s very simple to delete Render Cache from DaVinci Resolve. Just go to Playback, from the top of the window, then click on Delete Render Cache, select the desired settings and you’re done!

How to delete Render Cache

First of all, I recommend changing your default save paths of your render cache and gallery stills onto a fast drive that has lots of storage. This will make your software run smoother, faster, and it will ensure you will not run out of storage on your Windows drive.

There are two ways to delete the render cache in DaVinci Resolve:

Method 1  – Going to the folders

Simply go to where the file path indicates the location of all your cache files, select which you want to delete, and delete them. This method can be used to delete all the render cache for all projects.

Delete render cache in davinci resolve

Method 2 – Delete from inside DaVinci Resolve

  1. Select Playback from the top-left corner
  2. Press on Delete Render Cache
  3. Here you will have three options you can use:

Option 1 – All

The first option “All…” deletes every cache file related to this project.

Option 2 – Unused

The second option “Unused…” deletes only the cache files that are not currently in use for the footage on your timeline.

Option 3 – Selected clips

The third option “Selected clips…” allows you to decide for what footage you want to remove the cache files.

This way, you can only delete the cache files associated with the project you are currently working on. If you want to delete cache files for other projects, you have to enter them one by one and do the same thing or use the first method to delete them all.

Delete render cache in davinci resolve

How to delete Optimized Media Files

Using optimized media files is one of the easiest ways to reduce the demand for your hardware in Resolve.

This method will create lower bitrate and resolution encodings of the file you select and will help smooth up your workflow.

I will also show you in this article how to delete them. If you want to learn more about optimized media or other ways to reduce the demand on your hardware or learn tricks to speed up your workflow you can read the article on how to make DaVinci Resolve run faster.

After you finish your project and don’t need the optimized media files anymore, you can delete them in order to save up free space on your scratch drive. To do this:

  1. Just like render cache you can identify them in your scratch drive and delete them.
  2. Or use the software to delete all the optimized media files related to your project.
  3. Select Playback, from the top-left corner
  4. Press on Delete Optimized Media… and press OK
Delete render cache in davinci resolve


And this is it! Now you know how to delete and organize your render cache and optimized media files!

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