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RED Komodo + FPV Drone | The Results

Red komodo fpv
Published 30 July 2020

Last updated on 6 July 2022

Over the past few days, we have seen some awesome stuff. A RED Komodo and a beasty FPV drone to host it. That’s right, an FPV Drone flying a RED!

Kie (Drone Pilot), Marcos (RED Komodo owner) and Luma (Model) teamed up to create something that hasn’t been done before. Myself and Irianna went along to join in on the action.

Looking for an FPV Drone RED Komodo Pilot?

Go to to contact them for a quote. These guys are professional Stunt Camera Operators with decades of experience in the Film industry. They have a RED Komodo and FPV drone with a pilot.

The RED Komodo

The RED Komodo is a new camera from RED Digital Cinema that hasn’t been released just yet (July 2020). It boasts a powerful cinema-standard specification in a very small body. RED is known to be one of the best cinema cameras out there, being used on Hollywood films such as The Hobbit. The RED cameras are usually quite large as they are more like a computer rather than a standard camera. The cameras generally take a little bit of time to boot up and warm up just like a computer. As for their size, RED have never created a small camera with the same spec as the large cameras. Here comes the RED Komodo. A perfect size for flying on Drone and gimbals with top-class cinema specs.


  • 6K Super 35 sensor
  • RED RAW Recording
  • Global Shutter
  • 6K WS at 50 fps.
  • 4K at 60 fps
  • 120 fps at 2K
  • 12G-SDI output with 2160p at 60 fps
  • Price: $7000 for Coloured, $6000 for Black
Red digital cinema

Why did this happen?

Kie has been flying FPV drones for quite some time. He began as a Freerunner back in the early days of Parkour. His spacial awareness of an athlete shines through in his ability to fly these super fast drones in the craziest places. Myself and Kie go way back in the Parkour world, this is where we first met and kept in touch. We all had a huge passion for Filmmaking over the years, capturing our sport and progress then posting videos on YouTube.

Basically Kie is now a licensed drone pilot. He has been pushing his passion for flying drones recently and constantly pushing the boundaries with new ideas. Marco got in touch with Kie in the recent days to see if Kie wanted to fly a Komodo. Of course the answer was yes! Marco Is actually sponsored by RED so he gets to keep up to date with the latest kit from RED. He has Luma with him, a model based in New York who has been in the industry for many years. Myself and Irianna joined up with them and watch all of it unfold. Check out some of the images I got below:

Fpv drone with red camera
Red komodo fpv drone

We decided to head to a place called Seven Sisters. Huge white cliffs that look stunning. It taken about 45 minutes on average to get to the location by foot from the carpark. We had a bunch of kit we wanted to play with so it wasn’t the easiest but we got there in the end.

The plan for the shot was to just get creative and test the kit. Luma was going to the top of the cliff and she ran towards the edge in an elegant fashion while the FPV Drone flew around her.

Carrying bags beach
The crew
Red komodo 1. 32. 1
Red komodo on fpv
The guys
Model 2. 1. 23
Beach red komodo landing pad

FPV + Komodo

Overall testing went great. The drone seemed to fly really well with the camera and has now opened up so many doors to opportunities for flying cinema cameras at high speed. Kie mentioned that it was close to being max payload with the Canon 16-35 L-Series Lens on. The flying time was around 2 minutes depending on how hard you push it.

Go check out Kie’s, Marco’s, Luma’s and Irianna’s Instagrams to follow their awesome work.

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