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How To Create An Adjustment Layer In Premiere Pro + Benefits

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Published 19 August 2022

Last updated on 29 August 2022

An adjustment layer in Premiere Pro saves you from editing each layer separately. You can work on only one layer and automatically add the same effect to the rest of the clips, which makes editing faster and easier.

To create an adjustment layer, access the file menu or use the New Item tab to create the layer. You must select the browser project while creating the layer. Otherwise, the option to add the layer will be inactive or greyed out. 

Make sure you create the adjustment layer in Premiere Pro before making the effect—otherwise, it will not work. You can also add more than one adjustment layer to a single project. This article will show you how to create and use an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro.

Creating an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro

Before you begin, make sure to open the project browser.

You can create an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro by following these steps:

1. Open the file menu and select “New”

Click on the “Adjustment layer” option.

Selecting the adjustment layer in premiere pro

2. Create the layer by clicking “New item”

You can create the layer by clicking “New Item” on your project panel’s bottom-right corner. Click that icon, and you will see the option for the adjustment layer.

Alternative selection of adjustment layer in premiere pro

3. Changing the adjustment layer settings

If you want to change the adjustment layer settings, you can do it using video settings. After making the changes, hit OK to create the layer. If you want to rename the adjustment layer, right-click on it and change the name.

Adjustment layer window

4. Drop the adjustment layer into the timeline

Once you create the layer, hold and drag the adjustment layer to drop it onto the project timeline. The adjustment layer must be on the top of the clip you want to edit.

Once the layer is ready and sitting on the original clip, you can begin editing.

Dragging adjustment layer into timeline

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Benefits of an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro

Adjustment layers make the editing process faster. Imagine if you had to add one effect to 100 layers. Without an adjustment layer, you would have to make changes to each layer individually. This would make the editing process painstakingly slow and challenging. 

Multiple effects on one layer

One of the best things about adjustment layers in Premiere Pro is adding more than one effect to a single layer. This helps in organizing the project by preventing layer cluttering. 

However, this does not mean you can use only one layer. You do have the option to use as many adjustment layers as you want. 

Keep the original clip

You can use the adjustment layer without compromising the pixel value and properties of the original layer/clip under the adjustment layer. Therefore, you can make edits without altering the original clip.

If you want to remove or edit the effect, you only have to delete the adjustment layer, and the original clip will remain. You won’t have to edit each layer individually.

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Premiere Pro’s adjustment layer is an excellent way to speed up the editing process. It allows you to make and delete changes without damaging the original clip. You can also use the layer to change the colors and tone of the scene and add effects.


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