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TILTA FLOAT Handheld Gimbal Support System

Published 1 March 2021

Last updated on 8 December 2022

If you want to make a short film, a long film, or just some video material for a commercial or stock footage, like any other professional filmmaker or cameraman you should know about Tilta Float system, it can enable you to reach new horizons when it comes to maneuverability and comfort. Therefore, even if you are a stuntman cinematographer or a normal cinematographer, you will tire less and work longer with this device’s help. 

The industry’s newest stabilizer camera support system, Tilta Float System works in conjunction with the DJI RS 2 gimbal to create dramatic, smooth cinematic moves without back or arm strain. 

About Tilta Support System

Tilta float system

The Float system includes a stabilizer spring-loaded arm, adjustable support vest, adjustable gimbal extension post, wireless thumb controller, counterweight-based post, monitor bracket, wireless receiver module, gold mount battery plate, power and control cables, smartphone mounting bracket, tool kit, and a hard case to store and transport the entire system.

Tilta float system counterweight

The counterweight-based post offers further stabilization for your setup in addition to what the gimbal is already doing to make the smoothest free-flowing camera movement possible. Also, the spring-loaded arm and support vest design puts the strain of the rig’s weight onto your torso, allowing for longer operating times before the user gets exhausted.

Tilta float system spring arm

Tilta’s Float System Range of Usage

Working together with a gimbal is all you need for your Tilta Float System to achieve the best operating capabilities. The Float system supports a RS 2 gimbal rig up to 22 lb, and it mounts onto the extension post.  

Rs 2 gimbal rig

The post can extend from 19.6″ to 39.4″ for the right height for your shot so you can switch between high and low modes with ease, and it mounts onto the stabilizer arm. 

NATO rail connection is built onto both top and bottom ends. Compatible will all gimbals and power supply equipment. The retractable post can function as a monopod or as an extension.

The stabilizer spring-loaded arm supports approximately 31.5″ vertical movement to keep the stabilizer even steadier. The arm mounts on the adjustable vest that fits waists from 23.6″ to 47.2″ around to create comfortable support for any size and it helps to take the load off your back and arms.

Compact, Modular, and Portable

If you compare it with other traditional steady cam systems, you can notice the Tilta Float System is built with lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. It will enable the camera operator to travel with lightweight operating equipment and it will set his body free from the burden and extend the duration of his operation.

This compact and inexpensive stabilizer system is easy to assemble, pack, and transport. If you want a detailed tutorial on how to assemble it you can watch the video below, they show you exactly how to do it and how to adjust it in other to achieve the perfect balance

Tilta Float System has a highly modular and detachable design. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation in which you lose or damage a component, worry not, each part can be purchased individually.

The back of the vest is featured with a safety guiding strap and an enhanced anti-collision design. Therefore, you can safely operate with a modular camera and batteries mounted on the back of the vest.

Tilta float system belt


Powered through external V-mount, Gold mount, DJI battery grip, and TB50 batteries. 

The Gold mount battery plate mounts onto the rig and allows you to power accessories and your gimbal via the system’s extension post using a single, optional high-capacity battery and the 

included power cables. 

The V-mount batteries and V-mount batteries plate are the first things you want to assemble when you want to build your rig. The batteries are lightweight and compact and they will help you even further in balancing the rig even further. This is possible by slightly adjusting the position of the batteries on the plate.

Tilta float system batteries


The wireless thumb controller mounts onto the rig so you can control the gimbal’s movement without needing to be close to the gimbal. It connects to the receiver via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from up to 229′ away (line-of-sight) and even more, it features a shoe mount so it can mount onto a handle or other rigging. 

Tilta float system wireless thumb controller

The smartphone mount allows you to add a smartphone to control your gimbal as well as preview the image, and the monitor bracket allows you to add an optional monitor to your rig.

Tilta float system smartphone mount


  • Designed for the DJI RS 2 Gimbal
  • Float System is built with carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum materials
  • The stabilizer system is quick and easy to assemble
  • Highly modular and detachable design

What’s in the box:

Tilta float system packing
  • Flow System Arm (GSS-T01-ARM)
  • Flow System Post (GSS-T01-PST)
  • Power Supply Base Plate (TGA-PBP) w/Cable (TCB-DTP-2LE-40)
  • V-Mount Battery Plate (GSS-T01-BPV)
  • 2-Pin Lemo Cable (20 cm) (TCB-2LE-2LE-20)
  • Support Vest (GSS-T01-SV)
  • Thumb Controller (GSS-T01-WTC)
  • Control Receiver Module (TGA-WCR)
  • Monitor Bracket (GSS-T01-MB)
  • Carrying Case (GSS-T01-CC)
  • Cold Shoe Phone Mounting Bracket (TA-PMB-B)
  • Tool Kit (GSS-T01-TK)
  • One Year Electronic and two Year Mechanical Limited Warranty

Float System Specifications

Tilta Float System Support Vest

Vest Size23.62 – 47.24″ (600-1200mm)
ExtensionBuilt-in Tilta standard 15mm quick release baseplate

Tilta Float System Arm

Connector post diameter12mm
Maximum payload capacity10kg
Up and down movement range800mm ( +/-4300)

Tilta Float System Post

MaterialCarbon fiber and aluminum
MountNATO rail
Power input/output2-pin LEMO
Length range19.68 – 39.37″ (500-1000mm)

Wireless Thumb Controller for RS2

MountCold Shoe

Wireless Thumb Controller for RS3

Mount2.4 GHz wireless module

Wireless Thumb Controller for RS4

Remote control range50-70m (Dependent on the location, there might be slight variance.)


Battery InfoNo battery used
Battery Material
Battery Quantity0
Battery Type

Tilta Float System

MaterialCarbon fiber, aluminum, plastic, and nylon fabric
Dimension32.87 x 13.58 x 8.26″ (835 x 345 x 210mm)
Weight22.04 lbs (10kg)

For the money, Tilta Float System is a really good small rigs camera stabilizer. You can get one for only $1,349.00. I hope you will find this information helpful and if you plan to purchase it, I hope it will deliver everything you expect out of it.


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