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MAVO Edge 8K Camera – Everything You Need To Know

Published 23 September 2021

Last updated on 13 September 2022

Introduction to Kinefinity

Kinefinity is undoubtedly a fantastic company that is manufacturing beautiful cameras. They produce some very well-made products with exceptional reputation in the world of indie Filmmaking. MAVO Cine Camera is the company’s latest release. It has generated a lot of amazing feedback from those that understand what it means to have a great camera.

So, this blog offers a precise, yet informative description of the new Kinefinity product – MAVO Edge 8K Camera.

MAVO Edge 8K Camera — Great innovation for Cinematography

Mavo edge 8k camera

MAVO Edge 8K camera is a brand new product well-designed with a whole-new carbon fibre body. Manufactured with a 70P CMOS imaging sensor and a cutting-edge image processing engine.

With it, cinematographers can effectively create what they want exactly the way they want it irrespective of the purpose of use. The MAVO Edge 8K Camera is great for production with visual effects (VFX), movies, high-end TV series/commercials, and wild-life documentaries.

The Striking features that will stun you

Edge 8k camera — the striking features

Check out below the striking features that make the MAVO Edge 8K Camera distinctive.

Impressive Large Format 8K 70fps Imaging Sensor

The camera is designed with a new 8K imaging sensor with 44.7 million pixels  on a 36x24mm full-frame CMOS sensor that features

  • 640/2560 Dual native ISO
  • Latitude up to 14+ stops
  • 70fps at 8K wide
  • 145fps at 4K wide
  • 92fps at 6K wide

Moreover, this latest product can offer an amazing image of 45 million at up to 45 frames per second even at open gate 3:2. Besides, it can help capture images as 145fps at 4K Wide or 92fps at 6K Wide with the upgraded cutting-edge image processing platform.  Besides, it supports oversampling in Full-Frame mode to output 4K or 6K resolutions.

In-camera 8K ProRes4444XQ Recording Format

The MAVO Edge is designed to support in-camera ProRes4444/XQ 12-bit, ProRes422HQ 8-bit, and H264 proxy.

Codec TypeFormatBit Depth
Record CodecProRes4444XQQuicktime mov12bits
ProRes4444Quicktime mov12bits
ProRes422HQQuicktime mov10bits
Preview FormatH264mp48bits

New carbon fibre design

MAVO Edge Camera has a novel design both in the body design and internal architecture. This new design offers the product more industry-standard interfaces. This helps influence its compatibility with third-party accessories.

The presence of a motorized full-spectrum e-ND system in the camera helps it cover the wide range from two to seven stops with continuous adjustment at high precision. The carbon fibre material which weighs just 1.2kg explains its flexibility. The helps boost the efficiency of filmmakers.

Upgraded Record Media – NVMe M.2 based KineMAG Nano

There is an upgrade with the KineMAG, moving from SATA 3.0 SSD to NVMe M.2 SSD. This is important to offer more freedom with encoding and processing 8K. What is NVMe?

PCle 3.0 is one of the prominent features of MAVO Edge. It’s designed with dual SSD slots which allow for two KineMAG Nanos.

Built-in E-ND Filter

The all-new built-in variable 0.6-2.4 E-ND filter with seamless smooth changing between exposures. The camera also features a replaceable OLPF with UV and IR-cut filter.


The camera features a range of professional ports.

MonitoringProprietary Video Port x2, for Kinefinity Viewfinder, KineMON-5U, KineMON-7U
3G/1.5G SDI x2 with Meta data (regular BNC)
USB-C usb x1 for iOS Device with Kinefinity App
Audio sampling specLinear PCM, 24bits, 48KHz
Audio inputIn-cam mono MIC
3.5mm Stereo MIC
48V Phantom Power Balanced Input x2 (regular XLR)
Audio output3.5mm Stereo Audio Output
Power InputDC Input (1B2P), 11~26V
Integrated V-mount battery plate, V-mount battery or BP-U compatible
UPS EXT 3(for pogo-pin, 8 contacts)
Power outputsD-tap x1, Vbat@3A; Vbat as DC in or BAT in
RS x1, Vbat@3A
Lens x1, Vbat@3A
Mavo 8k kinefinity ports


Shutter angle 0.7°~358° with a rolling shutter.

Comprehensive Power Solution

  • A hybrid battery plate: MAVO Edge 8K Camera uses 14.8V broadcast V-mount batteries like KineBAT PD 75/150. You can power the camera directly with compatible BP-U30 type batteries such as GripBAT 4S when handheld or gimbal way.
  • Standard a D-Tap port, 12V RS port, and Lens port (12V): Use these to power the third-party accessories such as wireless lens motor and wireless video transmitter directly.
  • Specialized UPS power contacts: This is located at the bottom of MAVO Edge and can work as a UPS power source to offer uninterrupted power, particularly when there’s a need to replace V-mount batteries or BP-U30 type batteries.

Lens Mount

has universal KineMOUNT as the native mount. Just like attaching a lens, it’s very easy to attach an adapter to KineMOUNT with no need of adjusting FFD.

Here is a list of adapters available for the MAVO 8K camera:

Pricing packages for the MAVO 8K

There are 3 packages available on the Kinefinity website.

Prices mavo camera

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