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How To Export A Video In Premiere Pro

export video premiere pro

Being one of the best video editing software out there, you may be wondering how to export a video in Premiere Pro

When it comes to exporting in Premiere Pro, you have two options. Either export your video directly from the program or through the Media Encoder. Let’s go ahead and look at the two options and figure out which one is better. 

1. Prepare Your Video

In order to export your video, you first need to have it ready. The best way to tell the software which part you want to be exported is to add in and out markers in your sequence. You can do this by clicking the “mark in” and “mark out” buttons, or click “I” or “O” on your keyboard. 

premiere pro export and save

2. Open The Export Tab

After your video is set up, you will want to start exporting your video. For this, you will want to go to “File,” then click on “Export” and select “Media.” You can also use the “Ctrl+M” shortcut. After this, the Premiere Pro export tab will open.

premiere pro export and save media

3. Choose Your Export Settings

In the export tab, you will be able to change your export settings. Starting with the format, name, and whether you want to export both audio and video. The program can use the in and out markers you set earlier, or you can export the whole video. 

premiere pro export

Now, when it comes to exporting, you have two options. Either click directly on “Export” and your video will be exported directly through Premiere Pro, or click on “Queue” and open the Media Encoder. 

If you only want to export one video, then you can simply go ahead and choose “Export.” If you have multiple videos that need exporting, or you need to work on another video while that one is exporting, then you should use the “Queue” button and set up the Media Encoder.

4. Queue In Media Encoder

The Media Encoder seems very confusing at first, but it’s actually very straightforward. As soon as it opens, you will see your video under the “Queue” tab. You can change its format, preset and export location. When you’re done, simply click on the green play button in the top right corner and it will start exporting to your desired location. 

adobe premiere pro encoder

What is great about this method is the fact that you can leave your videos in the queue and they will all export one by one. 

You can easily use the markers to choose what parts you want to export and then continue editing, or take a coffee break for working so hard!

If you’re just beginning in the big world of video editing, you will want to make sure that you choose the right format for your video. The most popular is the “H.264” which will export the video with an “mp4” extension. You can use this for platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and won’t take as much space as an “avi”. 

Keep in mind that a higher quality format will require more resources for processing, so if you’re not working on a powerful computer, you may not even manage to export a large video. 

No matter what you’re doing, you now know how to export a video in Premiere Pro. Add in a dramatic zoom-in effect, and you’re set for the most impressive videos!

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