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How to Record a Voice-Over or Audio in DaVinci Resolve

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Published 12 May 2021

Last updated on 14 May 2022

To record a voice-over in DaVinci Resolve, you will first need a good microphone setup and silence. If you plan on recording your own voice for a high-quality project, I recommend looking online for a professional microphone setup. Otherwise, any USB microphone or headset combo will work. Plug in your mic, open up Resolve, and let’s start recording!

The most common thing to do in Fairlight is to record a voice-over, and this is really simple to do. Fairlight is one of the tabs in DaVinci Resolve that specializes in professional audio editing and audio recording.

To be a voice acting artist takes practice, you should try to speak slowly and clearly. When you feel that you wrongly read a line, take a pause, and retake it. You can easily edit your work later, so why not get several takes while you are at it? Feel free to check out my tutorial on how to sync audio in DaVinci Resolve also.

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Recording Voice-Over in DaVinci Resolve

To record a voice in DaVinci Resolve, go in the Fairlight audio tab, add a new Mono Audio Track, patch the input to your active microphone, arm the recording track by pressing the “Arm for Record” button, and finally press Record.

For more clarity, I made this quick guide on how to record audio in DaVinci Resolve, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1

In Fairlight, add a new Mono Audio Track. Right-click in the track window, select Add Track, and then Mono. 

You’ll want to use a mono track because the microphone has a single channel of capture. If you record a voice-over to a stereo track, you will only hear the audio in one ear. 

Record a voice-over in davinci resolve

Step 2

Patch your active microphone as your input. On the active channel, click on the “No Input” box and select Input.

Set input for recording in davinci resolve

Select your microphone from inside the active source window and select Patch.

Audio inputs in davinci resolve

Step 3

Arm the track and start recording the voice-over. To arm the track, press on the “R” button inside the Track window.

Arm for record in davinci resolve

After you activate “Arm for Record”, you are ready to start recording at any time you want. To do it, simply press the record button and start reading those lines. The record button is right in the middle of the screen; it looks like an ordinary recording button.

Record a voice-over in davinci resolve

For even more clarity, I created this video in which I go through every step mentioned above. This process is a really simple one — with the push of a few buttons, you can start recording like a pro.


Congratulations! Now you own all the weapons to start your career as a voice-over artist. Well, at least some of them. You still need a good microphone setup and a special room with special sound enhancer materials applied on the walls and so on. With the software part covered, I wish you good luck in your endeavours!

Also take a look at these Cinematic SFX, maybe you could pair them up with your new recordings!

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