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Online Video Editing Made Easy With InVideo

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Published 15 July 2021

Video creation has grown into a massive platform for opportunities for anyone who can create stunning videos. But this was not the condition ages ago. There were cameras, but due to the lack of knowledge and inaccessibility of computers, there was not much editing software.

Now, coming back to 2021, thousands of editing software, both online and offline, are available in the market. As a result, initial editors get confused between these software solutions and always choose the wrong one. They always want to grab something that provides them with some templates and cool features to take their editing career to the next level.

But some software has good templates but lacks features; on the other hand, some contain good features but don’t have good templates. No software can be termed as “Perfect”. 

Now, the question is, you have to opt for which software?

So, let’s fix this problem here because something addressable is now in the market because now editing is made easy and relaxed with InVideo. Before we dive into some features and the affordable pricing of the software, let’s have a glance at this platform.

InVideo online video editing software

Invideo hero

InVideo is a one-stop video editor that is used strictly online. It also helps you put your imagination on the screen and rock the content creation world. No download is required as an online video editor; it takes no space on your hard disk.

It allows making unique and engaging videos for any event or purpose like promotion, birthdays, YouTube, social media, slideshow, and various others. Even if you don’t have any media or clips from your side, you can still edit using their media and video clips in high definition, and the quality is top-notch.

Apart from this, the UI of the editor is so simple that even a 5-year-old can edit it. It looks clean, simple, and sober with all the major and minor features like timeline, text inserting, transition, multi-layering, and dozens of other features.

InVideo being an online editor never looks like you’re editing on a website or something like that; it makes you feel as if you’re editing on offline software due to its superb stability.

So, this was just an intro for the editor. There are many other advantages that enhance the user experience with no interruption. Now, let’s look at some other features of the editor. 

How it works


1. Templates

InVideo has a long list of templates that you can choose for your video. By choosing the most desired and suitable video, you need to edit it a bit and personalize it in your way, and you’re ready to go with it.

Invideo templates

2. Media Library

The Media library of InVideo is simply great. Even if you don’t have your stuff, you can choose media like audio, videos, and photos from their library. The quality of elements there is fantastic. All videos are in HD; in addition to this, there is a versatile list of elements, so you can quickly get the preferable element that goes with your video.

3. Power Transition

Transition is one of the main elements in a video that is a must to put between slides. It not only helps in a smooth exchange of slides but also gives it a professional look. And that is exactly what InVideo does for you.

Choosing a transition from a vast list of transitions from InVideo is just a child’s play. There you can see several transitions that look eye-watering. It makes your video look like an output of a premium editor.

4. Previewing

Previewing is another feature from the list that drags the software to anyone’s consideration. You can easily preview your video while editing and then again go back to the editing interface. And once you are satisfied, export the video and download it. This feature always keeps you aware of how your end product will look. Hence, maintaining transparency between the editing piece and the result.

5. Effects

Effects make a video look extraordinary and also defines your style. InVideo offers effects in almost every element in your video. Whether it’s a promotional video or a video to wish birthdays, effects have their role to play. 

InVideo effects always check that your created piece should not look dull and too simple, so you should walk in for InVideo. These are some prominent features of InVideo that make it different from other video editors and the best thing is its pricing.

6. Pricing

It easily fits your budget as InVideo only charge 15 USD per month for business, and 30 USD per month for the unlimited pack. And once you get familiar with it, you can even promote your brand and earn up to double or triple this price. That is why it is referred to as a “value for money deal”.

Client invideo

InVideo Conclusion

On a concluding note, if you want to grow your editing career and don’t have much space or money to spend on, this one is really for you. Simple, fast, and premium, with this editor, you can extract a lot of output and productivity that you dreamed of. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on it now!

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