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Why Can’t I Move Video From Track 1 to Track 2? DaVinci Resolve

Move video to a different track davinci resolve
Published 27 October 2021

Last updated on 14 May 2022

Have you run into the issue of not being able to move your video from Track 1 in the Edit tab? There’s a bunch of these little things that just get in the way, but it’s really simple to solve.

By default, DaVinci Resolve has the position lock in place so you cannot move your video across tracks in the timeline. Sometimes there could be another reason for it being enabled such as someone used your software and pressed this by accident. Or even you could have pressed a keyboard shortcut that enabled this setting. Either way, here’s how to solve it:

How to move video to a different track in DaVinci Resolve

Step 1 – Go to the ‘Edit’ tab

Go to your ‘Edit‘ tab at the bottom of the program.


Step 2 – Turn off the ‘Position Lock’

In the middle of your screen you will see a bunch of tools. Make sure your ‘Position Lock‘ is turned off.

Turn off position lock
Timeline davinci

It’s super simple, but just a pain when you can’t figure it out! I hope this helped you a bunch and solved some frustration. If you’re interested, please check out our other DaVinci Resolve tutorials, I’m sure they will come in really handy for you.

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