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How To Speed Ramp In Premiere Pro + Quick Video Guide

Speed ramp in premiere pro
Published 26 April 2022

Last updated on 5 July 2022

Speed ramping is a really cool effect where you slow down or speed up footage with a sort of smooth effect. Ever seen those super slow-motion videos where it slows down slowly? That’s called speed ramping, as you probably already know.

Example of a speed ramp

In this example, the clip appears slow at first, then speeds up and then slows down again. If you’re interested in checking the boxer out, check Chris Whitlow out on Instagram, he’s awesome!

Take a look where the clip appears to be fast, then begins to slow down steadily.

Credit – Slowmo Guys

How to speed ramp in Premiere Pro

  1. Right-click the little box on the top-left of your clip
  2. Go to “Time Remapping” and select “Speed
  3. Select the “Pen Tool“. You can press “P” for a keyboard shortcut.
  4. Set the points you want the ramp to start and finish
  5. Select the “Pointer Tool“. You can press “V” for a shortcut.
  6. Click on the points you just created and drag them out in length. This will be the length of the ramp motion from start to finish.
  7. Now change the speed of the clip by clicking the horizontal white line and dragging it up for going faster, or dragging it down to go slower.
  8. From here, you can adjust the points until you are happy with the result.

Video tutorial and explanation

My goal is to add a moment in the video that speed ramps faster, then slows back down.

In the example video below, I have a 100fps second clip already slowed down 400% to play in 25fps. That means it’s 4X slower than normal speed.

I then add the keyframe where I wanted to speed up the clip and then stretch the two keys outwards to set the length of the ramp.

I then sped up the part of the clip after the keyframes by 400%. Next, I set another keyframe where I want the clip to start slowing back down.

Again, I stretch the keyframes apart to set the length, and then slowed down the last part of the clip back to 100%.


It’s quite simple learning how to Speed Ramp in Premiere Pro. I hope this has answered your question easily!

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