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How to Edit Text in Final Cut Pro

Published 1 March 2021

Final Cut Pro is one of the best editing software out there, but it can be overwhelming when you’re just starting. When it comes to adding, moving, rotating, and changing the text color, there is a process you must learn. Let’s see how to edit text in Final Cut Pro!

How to Add Text in Final Cut Pro

1. Access the Text Tab

You can find it in the top left corner. After you click on it, two more tabs will show up, so you can choose the type of title you want. You can always edit them afterward. 

Screenshot of final cut pro ui showing how to add text

2. Choose the Type of Text You Want

In the “Titles” tab, you have all types of different options to choose from. Most of them have animations or transitions, but you can easily remove them by changing the keyframes.

Screenshot of final cut pro ui showing how to edit text

3. Customize and Edit Your Text

If you want to remove the animation, you can disable it in the text settings in the top right corner. To edit the text, double-click it, and simply type your own message in. You can also change the font, its color, size, type, and make something to match your needs. 

Screenshot of final cut pro ui showing the text customization options

How to Move Text in Final Cut Pro

Moving text in Final Cut Pro is as easy as possible, but there are still two methods of doing it. The first method involves you selecting the text and moving it wherever you need it. You can simply click-and-drag.

However, if you need more precise movements, you can use the “Position” tool in the editor. You can enter your desired value, or simply click and drag on the numbers in your desired positions. You can move it on the 3 axes. 

Screenshot of fcp ui showing how to change the text position

How to Rotate Text in Final Cut Pro

To rotate text in Final Cut Pro, you need to access the edit menu and work with the rotation sliders. You can rotate on the X, Y, and Z axes, and you can either use your mouse and play with the wheel or input the required value.  

Screenshot of final cut pro ui showing how to change the text rotation

How to Change the Text Color in Final Cut Pro

You can change the color of your text by going to the same editor and scrolling down to “Face.” By clicking on the actual color, you can bring up the color wheel and choose a new one. 

Screenshot of fcp ui showing how to change the text color

You can just as well add a color for the outline, glow or drop shadow. 

Final Cut Pro is truly versatile software, and there aren’t many things you can’t do with it. After you’re done editing your text, you can add fun animations, and really make it stand out.

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