Stunt Cameramen Use Parkour & Blading to Film Movies

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Published 23 August 2020

Last updated on 7 July 2022

Ever hear of stuntmen getting behind the camera? It’s not a common thing you hear about at all, but these guys have done exactly that.

Stunt Camera Crew have sprung into action in recent years. They have a really interesting story when it comes to sports and Filmmaking.

Rollerblading camera operator

Where Stunt Camera Crew began

Stunt Camera Crew was created by a couple of athletes called Daniel Ilabaca and Will Sutton. Both Will and Dan have been professional Freerunners with experience between 15 and 25 years. The main action skills behind these guys are Rollerblading and Parkour/Free Running.

With the growth of Parkour over the past 20 years, Will and Dan were at the forefront of this. YouTube was one of the main catalysts for the growth of Parkour/Feerunning. Since the beginning, Will and Dan have always filmed and documented their training using their home video cameras. They first created videos of themselves and uploaded them to YouTube in around 2005.

As they grew older with many videos uploaded, the growth of the internet and YouTube brought in many viewers and inspired tons of people to go out and get creative. The growth of Parkour/Freerunning developed many Filmmakers and Freerunners over the years.

What gear do they use?

The gear varies completely on the project. But Stunt Camera Crew’s aim is to be as versatile as possible while using big cinema camera rigs used in Hollywood movies.

The most popular gear that SCC like to use are listed below:

Red movi
Parkour cameraman

The choices of gimbals are professional level that can hold heavy cinema cameras and all accessories needed. The cameras they love using are top-level film cameras that are used in most films you see these days.

This is why it’s important to understand the talent that’s in front of the camera

The skills of being in front and behind the camera over the years have taught Stunt Camera Crew to be able to understand how athletes and stuntmen need to be filmed. Athletes and stuntmen need patience and synchronized understanding to be ready for a take. You can learn what it takes to be an action cameraman here.

Stunt Camera Crew mentioned:

The message we want to get across is our confidence as athletes to film athletic people. We know what I means to be in front of the camera and how much mental preparation it takes. Once you can understand how to athletes work in front of camera, you can operate the camera to work in sync

Go check out Stunt Camera Crew’s website for more information!



SCC recently completed a large campaign with DJI for the Ronin 4D. It got a lot of traction in the Filmmaking scene, due to the camera opening up new doors for Stunt Filmmaking.

Learn more about the Ronin 4D.

Sports Direct

Sports Direct contacted SCC for a new Xmas commercial they were making. They needed the Parkour and Rollerblading aspects to shoot some special takes with gimbals.


Stunt Camera Crew have collaborated with many groups over the years, one of which is the Storror Parkour team. After training Parkour together for many years, they decide to get together and craft a different type of video, you can see it below.

Learn more about the game: Storror Parour Pro.

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