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Quickly Fix “Media Offline” In DaVinci Resolve – 3 Simple Steps

Davinci resolve media offline fix
Published 23 June 2022

Last updated on 27 April 2023

Opening DaVinci Resolve and continuing your current project to find that your timeline is filled with “Media Offline” everywhere instead of your clips that should be there instead. Learn how to fix media offline in DaVinci Resolve below.

Don’t worry! The clips are still there, DaVinci Resolve just can’t locate the files. We’ll show you how you can help DaVinci Resolve locate the files so you can continue your work.

Quick guide

On DaVinci Resolve:

  1. Navigate to the “Media Pool” panel in the “Edit” or “Media” tab – this is where all your imported media is located.
  2. Right-click on the background of the Media Pool and select “Relink Clips for Bins
  3. Now all you have to do from here is locate where your files are and hit “Select folder

Pro tip: If you aren’t sure where your files are located, you can broaden your search with DaVinci by doing a wider search on your computer such as searching through “Videos“, rather than a specific folder located in the videos folder. DaVinci will search for the files fairly quickly, a window should pop up that looks something like the image below.

Davinci resolve searching folders to locate offline media

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How to fix Media Offline – step by step

Here’s our step-by-step process which will go into more detail regarding the steps you need to follow to fix media offline in DaVinci Resolve.

Step 1 – In the “Edit” tab, locate the “Media Pool” panel

So you’ve opened up your project to find something that looks like the image below. The first task you need to complete is to find the “Master” panel. This is the panel where your imported media is located.

  1. Go to the “Edit” tab
Edit tab
  1. Go to “Media Pool” in the top-left. This is where you will find all of your media.
Locating master panel to fix offline media

You can also find all of your media by going to the “Media” panel at the bottom of the screen. But either way will work the same.

Media panel

Step 2 – Relink clips for bin

Right-click on the background of the master panel and select “Relink Clips for Bin“. This is so you can help DaVinci Resolve find the lost footage and fix media offline from showing up.

Selecting "relink clips for bin"

Step 3 – Locate your footage

A window will pop up looking similar to the below image. All you need to do now is locate your offline media.

If you’re struggling to find your offline media, then you can broaden your search in the OS by performing a wider search. (Searching through “Videos” instead of a specific folder located in Videos).

DaVinci Resolve will filter through thousands of files in a short amount of time to find your footage.

Locating offline media through windows file explorer

Go back to DaVinci Resolve. Your project should now look something like the below image. Your timeline should now be displayed as normal, and you should be able to continue working on your project.

Navigating back to davinci resolve once you fix offline media

Extra advice

If you only located a part of your offline media

If only a part of your footage was re-located, then it’s likely that the rest of the remaining footage is in another location. You can repeat the above steps and perform an even wider search than you performed before or you can search in a completely different location for the remaining footage.

If the above steps haven’t helped you fix offline media

It’s likely that your project is located on a hard drive or media server that your PC isn’t currently connected to. It’s worth double-checking that you’re connected to any servers that you need to be connected to and ensuring that you have any hard drives that could potentially contain the footage connected to your PC.

Video tutorial to fix “Media Offline”


You should now know how to quickly fix media offline within the DaVinci Resolve software. The process is similar to most video editing software, so it’s fairly easy to take the skills you’ve learnt today to other video editing platforms too.


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