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Woojer Vest – A Different Way to Experience Audio

woojer vest

You might have heard of glasses that enhance your gaming experience and headphones that pick out every sound for you. But, with the Woojer Vest, everything changes.

The Woojer Vest will let you immerse yourself into the game with every part of you. It is offering a high-fidelity haptic experience. You can wear the vest when you’re enjoying movies, games, or VR, and they would make the experience even better.

The brilliant vest has grown in popularity. This is especially among gaming and VR enthusiasts who have discovered the effect that the vest has when playing games.

Vest Edge – Woojer
Woojer Vest Edge

How the Woojer Vest Works

The Woojer Vest works by pumping low frequencies of sound in your body. You can use it when you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. Thus, it would give you a one-of-a-kind audio experience that you can’t get with just headphones. It makes the experience of watching movies and playing games, especially with VR, much better.

If you get your vest, you simply have to follow the instructions in the manual, plug in your cables or connect via Bluetooth to your phone, PC or games console and enjoy.

Just as the name implies, it is a vest that you wear and plug into your gaming console, headphones, or any other device that you want to use with the vest.

woojer vest speakers

Why Should You Get a Woojer Vest?

If you’re wondering what makes the Woojer Vest so special, perhaps you would figure that out with the points below.

Enhances Your Gaming and Music Experience

With the Woojer Vest, you can enjoy a thrilling experience whenever you play games, watch movies, listen to music and use VR. It gives you micro-sensations when you wear it and acts as a full-body bass monitoring tool. With the vest, you can feel the tone, shape, and vibe of the music on your body.

Great for Studio Professionals

From DJs and studio professionals to on-stage pros, people who work in music are having a field day with the Woojer Vest. Using the vest for music work helps professionals create immersive tracks from the ground up. They can not only hear the music but feel every part of it.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Woojer Vest comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that the company believes highly in the quality that they are providing. If you’re not pleased with the product, although this is unlikely, you can return it and get your money back, hassle-free.

Comfortable to Wear

Just because it’s a vest that you can plug into your Xbox and your headphones doesn’t mean that you would have to deal with a bulky and heavy vest. The Woojer Vest features a comfortable and lightweight design that makes moving around easy, whether you’re partying, making music, or just playing games. It also has a one-size-fits-all design.

Our Hands-on Experience with the Woojer Vest Edge

It’s hard to describe the feeling when you put on the Vest Edge for the very first time and hit play on your favorite song, movie or game. It’s not a feeling you can experience anywhere else.

The closest comparison would be standing at the front of a concert or festival when the music is blasting out loud to the point you start to feel the music hitting your body. The Vest does a fantastic job of emulating this feeling or more accurately surpassing it.

Using the Vest for Music

Connecting the vest to your device of choice, opening Spotify and sticking on your favorite songs never gets old with the Woojer vest. There is a huge difference listening to songs on the vest compared to listening without it.

You feel beats in songs you couldn’t hear before without cranking your speakers up to max volume and turning up the bass. Think of it as spreading the sound throughout your body instead of just the ears.

This is where the vest provides an amazing advantage over just listening to really loud music. You aren’t bothering other people with your obnoxiously loud music. You can have the experience of listening to loud music without having to damage your ears or bother those around you.

The Woojer Vest Edge is quiet for outsiders. So quiet in fact, your friends & family on the other side of the room won’t hear it unless you have the Vest cranked up to the max and you’re listening to bass heavy songs.

woojer vest dj

Using the vest for Games & VR

This is where the Woojer vest starts to really feel immersive! Games are an insanely enjoyable way to use the vest.

Flying through space in your Starship on No Mans Sky, fighting your way through fast paced multiplayer games in Call of Duty, even sneaking your way through an intense, fear-inducing set of rooms in Alien Isolation. You feel everything.

VR is an even more immersive application for the Woojer Vest. Games like Beatsaber & Robo Recall are some of the best games to try, every fire of the pistol, every cube slashed with your saber in Beatsaber, all of it greatly enhances the already immersive experience that VR alone provides.

woojer vest with vr

Final Take on the Woojer Vest

The Woojer Vest is a revolution in technology that would enhance all kinds of experiences, whether you’re a game enthusiast or you need the vest for work or even just personal enjoyment. The impressive vest is a fantastic piece of tech to experience.


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