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Woojer Strap Edge Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Published 27 May 2022

If you’re a music enthusiast or even just an average gamer, you’ve probably heard of the name Woojer. The innovative people over at Woojer have developed some haptic products such as the Woojer Vest Edge & Woojer Strap Edge to enhance your audio experience without investing in a new set of headphones or fancy subwoofers.

The Woojer Strap is a neat, portable haptic device that you can bring anywhere with you on the go. It’s essentially a portable, wearable transducer you can discreetly wear.

Woojers devices are becoming more widely known these days and have proven to be incredible products that can enhance the experience of your music, games, movies & TV shows. They can improve almost anything that includes audio.

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What does the Woojer Strap Edge do?

The Woojer Strap is essentially one big magnetic transducer attached to a high-quality strap, so you can wrap it around your body however you like.

The transducer pumps various sound frequencies into your body that align with the audio signal coming from your device through to the Woojer Strap.

It’s an incredible addition to pairing with your headphones or headset when listening to music or playing games. You can’t get this experience anywhere else.

Is the Woojer Strap Edge worth buying?

Definitely, the Woojer Strap is much cheaper than its more expensive counterpart (Woojer Vest Edge) but provides a much less intense but still gratifying experience.

The Woojer Strap makes for a fantastic gift if you’re struggling to find a gift for someone on their birthday or Christmas. Its RRP is $159.99, but it is very frequently on sale.

The Woojer Strap is worth buying if you want to add that extra oomph to your music or games.

Wearing the woojer strap edge diagonally

How long does the Woojer Strap Edge battery last?

The Woojer Strap battery lasts for up to 8 hours, depending on your sensation setting. The higher you have this setting, the quicker the battery will drain.

The Strap battery takes up to 3 hours to fully charge from an empty battery. If you’re looking for the best possible experience with the Woojer Strap, make sure you fully charge the device when you receive it through shipping.

As you can imagine, the lower the battery, the lower the haptic sensation you will feel, so it’s always best to use this device on a full battery where possible. Don’t charge it while using it, and be careful not to overcharge the device and potentially lower the battery lifespan.

Where can I purchase a Woojer Strap Edge?

The best place to purchase a Woojer Strap is to pop over to the official website You can buy these fantastic devices from eBay unofficially, but we advise you to be careful with this as you won’t get any warranty with your purchase. CeX UK also sells them preowned if you want to save some pennies.

Bear this in mind. If you’re unsure about your purchase, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase the product from the official website.

You also get a carry bag, an aux cable and the official USB-A to USB-C charging cable when you purchase from the Woojer website.

Best uses for the Woojer Strap Edge


The Woojer Strap is a fantastic addition to your music. It’s best used with songs that are heavy with bass/treble or even drums (There are some excellent Dragonforce songs that work well with the Woojer products).

We’ve enjoyed using the strap for music ourselves, and it’s the primary way we use the Woojer Strap. We’ve made a Woojer playlist on Spotify you’re welcome to follow if you’re looking for some good songs to listen to with your Strap/Vest Edge.

We update this list often as we enjoy using our Woojer products, so feel free to follow it if you enjoy it.

Our Woojer playlist


There are countless games out there that work amazingly with the Woojer Strap. You don’t only feel an enhancement to the audio with games, but you feel the haptic response from grenades and guns in games such as Call of Duty & Battlefield.

We found these games to be the more enjoyable and intense ones to play with the Woojer Strap. Other games, such as Minecraft, don’t work as well, as those games don’t have any intense audio to feed through to the Woojer Strap.


The Strap is impressive to use with your favourite movies and TV shows. It works the same way it enhances the experience you gain from playing games with the Strap.

The bonus with the Strap when watching movies compared to using the vest when watching movies is that the Strap is comfortable to wear, and sometimes you forget you’re even wearing it, which is a nice feature when relaxing in front of the screen as comfort is essential.


Lastly, probably the most immersive use, you will ever get with the Woojer Strap Edge, is VR. You can’t find a better use (in our opinion) with the strap than VR, it improves the experience you gain from VR tenfold. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s still a fantastic addition to the gaming experience.

This is especially true for games with lots of haptic feedback such as those including guns like Robo Recall, or lightsabers and fantastic music such as Beatsaber.

All in all, we found Beatsaber to be the best application for both the Woojer Strap Edge and Woojer Vest Edge. Listening to music is a close second.

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Woojer Strap Edge vs Woojer Vest Edge


Comfort takes precedence, in our opinion, when it comes to these haptic products. Both the Strap and the Vest Edge are very comfortable to wear (when worn correctly), although it took some time to find our comfort spots with them.

It was much easier to wear the Woojer Strap comfortably than it was to wear the Woojer Vest Edge comfortably, but that will be due to the Woojer Vest Edge having more straps to click in and adjust.

We found the Woojer Strap to be the more comfortable one out of the two, but that will solely be due to the Strap being easier to attach to the body and much lighter to wear.

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Haptic experience

This can’t be compared fairly. The experience you gain from the Vest Edge over the Woojer Strap is so far apart it doesn’t feel like it’s meant to be compared. The Vest Edge wins in this category.

The Woojer Strap provides a fantastic haptic experience in its own right. The transducer you get on the strap is larger than the ones you get on the Vest Edge and provides a more substantial haptic experience. But it’s only one transducer.

The Woojer Vest Edge has 6 of these haptic points on the vest. Yes, they are smaller than the one you get with the strap, but they’re still outstanding. You get two transducers on your upper back, two on your hips/lower back and two on your chest.

Make sure you wear the Vest Edge correctly, so all the transducers are making contact with your body. Otherwise, you will not feel the whole experience of the Woojer Vest Edge. The same goes for the Woojer Strap.

Ease of use

The Woojer Strap is the easier one to use, but that’s how it was designed. The strap was designed for easy use and portability, so you can wear the strap in public discreetly and comfortable while listening to your favourite music.

The Vest Edge is still easy to use, but initially, we found it a little challenging to find our “comfort sweet spot”. But that’s to be expected with any product like this. You want to wear it right, and you want to use it correctly.

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Our Hands-on experience with the Woojer Strap Edge

We’ve been using the Woojer Strap Edge for a couple of weeks now, and we love everything. It’s easy to put on, quick to set up, and pleasant to wear for prolonged periods of time.

As long as you don’t have the Woojer Strap set to maximum sensation, you should be fine wearing it for quite a while, provided it doesn’t run out of battery.

We found it best to use it when sitting in a chair at a desk, as we struggled to do this when using the Vest Edge counterpart (but that’s only because we have downstairs neighbours, and bass travels from the Vest Edge through our chair and to the floor).


The Woojer Strap Edge is a fantastic product and potential gift worth every penny. Especially those who love listening to their music need that extra edge that gives them the experience they’ve been looking for without annoying the neighbours.

If you’re interested in Woojers other haptic product, the Woojer Vest Edge, check out our further comprehensive hands-on review below.

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