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Top 5 Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Shopify seo apps
Published 12 March 2021

Last updated on 20 April 2022

So which SEO Shopify apps are the best?

Finding the best SEO apps for Shopify can be tricky. It’s not a quick task installing and uninstalling these different apps, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. That is where I come in to help.

I have spent many years developing Shopify stores, learning the ins and outs of how the platform works. SEO has always been a hit and miss with Shopify, although in recent years, the platform has become so much better. There’s now many apps being released to help with this sort of stuff. Shopify is a huge promoter of developers building on their platform.

SEO is gaining a lot of traction lately. With the likes of Facebook advertising not being a reliable source of traffic for an Ecommerce store. Think of it this way, SEO is like paying money to build longevity with organic traffic. Organic traffic is the most valuable source of customers for your website or Ecommerce store, without a doubt.

Tried & Tested Shopify SEO Apps:

Rich Snippets for SEO

Rich snippet logo

Rich Snippets created by Orbis Labs, provides a great option for Shopify store owners to add rich snippets onto their pages. This helps improve your search results in search engines by adding things such as Recipes, Instructions & Reviews. It can also add the Json data so your company information shows up on Google when someone searches your company name.

Pricing – One-time fee $69

Shopify App Store

Developer Website

Rich snippets feature shopify

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Sitemap logo

Again, this is another app created by Orbis Labs. It is one of my favourite SEO apps to help Shopify store owners to inform search engines what they want to index and follow. You can do this with one click of a button, such as remove pages from the sitemap, add noIndex or noFollow tags to pages/tag pages/collections, or even tag specific URLs or pagination pages.

Pricing – $4.99/month

Shopify App Store

Developer Website

Sitemap features
Link whisper logo

This app is brilliant and I first discovered it using WordPress but found recently they have developed it for Shopify too.

It works by scanning all your pages & blog posts, then giving you suggestions to add internal & external links. It’s very good SEO practice to do internal linking because Google loves it when you create the “web” of the internet. Also it increases user experience by stopping the user hitting a dead end on your pages.

Unfortunately this does not work with page builders just yet. But I have spoken with the developers and they are going to work on it hopefully. A lot of Shopify stores use page builders to create blog posts as Shopify blog creation isn’t quite versatile yet.

Link whisper features

Pricing – $7/month

Shopify App Store

Developer Website

SEO Blog Optimizer

Seo blog optimizer

SEO Blog Optimizer is quite a small addition to help with grammar and SEO on your blog posts. It’s quite similar to what Yoast does, but Yoast isn’t available for Shopify unfortunately, only WordPress.

Basically the app informs you to make sure you are ticking off a list of suggestions that search engines look for when ranking a blog post. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with page builders either but it does work with the native Shopify blog creation.

Seo blog optimizer features shopify

Pricing – Free plan available, $4.99/month Premium plan

Shopify App Store

Developer Website

SEO Booster

Seo booster

SEO Booster is more of a beginner-to-SEO app. So if you aren’t familiar with SEO rules and you want an all-in-one basic SEO app, then this app is your best bet. It basically has features such as:

  • Broken link checker
  • Google integration
  • Alex Page Rank checker
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Sitemap submitter
Seo booster features

Price – Free plan available, $29.99/month Premium plan

Shopify App Store

Developer Website

Shopify’s app store hasn’t expanded quite enough yet and doesn’t have a lot of crazy good options for SEO. It’s probably best to use an external application for some things such as suggestions. They do not need to be installed on the backend code of your store so it will not slow down your store like a lot of Shopify apps can do.

There are some very established online applications for SEO which will work even better than most apps for suggestions. Here are a couple that I have used over the years that I would highly recommend for these features:

  • Broken link checking
  • Keyword suggestions & analysis
  • Backlink checks
  • Page speed
  • Site audit
  • Website explorer
  • & much more


SEMRush is one of the leading SEO online apps in the industry. It specialises in making sure your site is running perfect and has no linking issues.

Semrush dashboard


Ahrefs & SEMRush are pretty similar in what they do. I do prefer Ahrefs more in my opinion but it depends on the user. Ahrefs has done wonders and is loved by all of the SEO community. Their platform is really intuitive and easy to use. Learn how to delete a crawl in Ahrefs.

Ahrefs user

Which is the best SEO app for Shopify?

There you have it, the best SEO apps for Shopify. I aimed to give a variety of different SEO apps that cover different areas. Overall I think you could use most of these SEO Shopify apps at once depending on what you are after. Unless you are a true beginner, it is probably best to start with SEO Booster for Shopify and Ahrefs to understand how SEO works more.

If you have any suggestions for apps you believe should be on this list, feel free to contact me so then I can test it and add it to the list if it fits the criteria.


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