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How to Delete a Crawl in Ahrefs

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Published 4 March 2021

Last updated on 13 March 2021

Why would you want to delete a crawl?

There maybe many reasons why you would want to delete a crawl in Ahrefs.

  • You were making changes on the site while crawling and it shows mixed results
  • The crawl may have errors
  • The crawl was cancelled before it was finished

Ahrefs is an incredible bit of software that can crawl a website to help with many things such as SEO, Backlink checking, Keyword research, Competitor analysis and much more. It’s been established for many years and it’s success shows used by thousands.

It’s a little confusing on the Ahrefs system to find out how to delete an unwanted crawl but it’s actually super simple once you know how to. You can delete a crawl by following these 4 simple steps below.

How to Delete a Crawl from your Ahrefs Project

Step 1

Go to your Ahrefs account and go to ‘Site Audit‘.

Site audit tool ahrefs

Step 2

Click on your chosen project where you want to delete the crawl.

Project select

Step 3

Click on your project name shown in the red square on the image below.

Click on the name of the project to delete a crawl in ahrefs

Step 4

Scroll down to ‘All Crawls’, find your crawl you want to delete and click on the 3 grey dots to the right of the window. This will open up a button saying ‘Delete crawl’.

Delete crawl

This is how you can delete a crawl in Ahrefs.

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