What is the Storror Parkour Pro Game? In-Depth Analysis

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Published 3 June 2021

Last updated on 25 August 2021

What is Storror Parkour Pro and who is behind the game?

Storror: Parkour Pro is a Parkour ‘Purist’ game. Developed by free running group ‘Storror’ and ‘Hole In The Sleeve’. Hole In The Sleeve is a new studio of game developer experts behind such AAA games as ‘Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’ and ‘Burnout Paradise’.

Storror is a collective of 7 professional parkour athletes. Having spent the last decade developing their team into one of the most iconic free running brands. Storror have now joined forces with Hole In The Sleeve to bring their parkour purist video game concept to life.

What is parkour?

Parkour is a discipline where ’Traceurs’ try to get from one place to another, in a quick and efficient way. It involves seeing their environment in a new, creative light. There are parkour elements in nearly all 1st and 3rd person games nowadays. Although there aren’t many that focus purely on the sport and the culture surrounding it. 

What did the developers have to say?

“Parkour is generally a tool used for extraordinary moves, impossible wall-walks, physics-defying leaps and super acceleration. But the main game vibe and story has nothing in common with parkour itself.”


“The paradox is clear: Every game has some form of parkour in it, but no game is a parkour game! We’re about to change all that!”

What gameplay features will it have?

Storror Parkour Pro promises to strike the balance between Fun-surrealism and its more realistic counterparts. The game will take place in rich, densely-set open world environments. Featuring skylines from countries such as India, Hong Kong, London, Paris and more! 

The key gameplay aspects are listed below.

  • Main Missions. From extremely tense rooftop escapes to daring time trials.
  • Free-roam. Enabling the player to learn and discover at their own pace. On their own or with friends using the multiplayer option.
  • Multiplayer. Traversing environments with other players or taking part in relay races and other team challenges.
  • Challenges. ‘Don’t Get Wet’ and perfecting specific lines without losing health.
  • XP collection. Enabling you to upgrade your characters parkour abilities. These are: Power, Speed, Strength, Precision, Balance, Technicality and Confidence.
  • Character Customisation. You will be able to play as one of the 7 professional Storror athletes. Alternatively you can create your own custom character. An in-game store will give you the option to fully edit your characters style.
  • Video Editing Mode. A key aspect of the game is editing and capturing footage of your tricks and lines. With POV and drone options. As well as multiple camera angles to play with. 

Parkour Pro will play like a simulation as opposed to an arcade experience. Hoping to be a mix between ‘Mirrors Edge’ and ’Skate’. It also features a large list of different parkour tricks/moves to learn and master.

When will Storror Parkour Pro be available?

Storror Parkour Pro is expected to release early 2022. A large portion of the developments funding has been gathered on Kickstarter. Click here to learn more about the game and to find out how you can pledge money and possibly even feature in the main game!

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