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Easy Ways to Ping Your iPhone From Your Apple Watch

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Published 23 June 2022

Last updated on 15 December 2022

Although it’s frustrating to lose your phone, you can solve this by learning to ping your iPhone from Apple Watch. You could have your phone in your hand and lose it the next minute. It happens to us all.

For someone like me who always has my phone on do not disturb mode, it is more difficult to track the phone.

In cases where you cannot find your phone, you can ping it to make a sound using your Apple Watch, which is usually going to be strapped to your wrist. The sound playing from your phone will help you trace and locate it quickly.

Not only can you ping your phone to make a sound, but you can also cause the flashlight to blink using your Apple Watch.

This impressive and cool feature comes in handy, especially when looking for your phone in dark spaces. The flashlight trigger will enable you to find it easily.

If you are the type that loses your phone often, these features will help you a lot, whether your phone fell underneath the couch or you forgot it on your bed. This article outlines the steps you should apply to activate this feature.

Steps to Follow

Below are the steps you need to follow to ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch and trigger the flashlight in dark spaces.

  1. Swipe Up from the bottom of your Apple Watch’s Home Screen, which will take you to the control centre.
  2. Locate the Ping iPhone Button; it is an icon representing an iPhone with two curved lines on each side.
Ping your iphone icon disabled
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3. Press the Ping iPhone Button, and your phone will emit a sound. You can trace the sound to locate your phone.

Ping your iphone icon enabled
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4. To activate your phone’s flashlight (if you are looking for your phone in a dark place), Press and Hold the Ping iPhone Button, which will turn it on. 

Things to Ensure

If you ever want to be able to ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch and trigger the flashlight in cases of emergency, there are things you need to ensure in place for this feature to work.

Airplane Mode

You should always ensure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are not in airplane mode. When airplane mode is turned on, your devices cannot connect to wireless networks, which means you may not be able to ping your phone using your watch.

You can turn off airplane mode through settings (on your iPhone) and control centre (on your Apple Watch).

Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

It would be best if you turned your iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on all ways, and the same goes for your Apple Watch. This is because your Apple Watch uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate with your iPhone, so they must be paired at all times in order to ping your iPhone from Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch will always choose between the most power-efficient connections.

You can turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through settings.

iPhone has battery

This one is a given. If your iPhone is out of battery then it will be impossible to ping your iPhone from any location using any method. So it goes without saying, if you lose your iPhone, you’ll want to move quickly.


Even though there are plenty of cool features on the Apple Watch, this one cannot go unnoticed as it is a helpful tool in cases of emergency. You no longer need to go through the trouble of searching for your phone everywhere, since you can easily ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch, providing your watch is strapped on at all times.


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