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How To Measure A TV To Get The True Size

How to measure a tv
Published 6 May 2022

Last updated on 9 December 2022

Although it’s not difficult to measure space for your TV or measure a TV, a few things must be considered. The most common thing to do is measure the screen size of the TV, but it’s also essential to check the TV’s width, height, and depth.

These measurements are essential when you want to install them in a room. You’ll need a tape measure for proper measurement, or you can use a calculator to determine the width and height if you already have the diagonal size.

It should take about five minutes. Follow the steps in this guide.

Checking and measuring the TV screen size

The diagonal length of the screen describes a TV screen’s size. To measure a TV screen to get the true size, measure from the corners at the top left to the bottom right or the other way around. While calculating, don’t include the frame or bezel around the edge of the screen.

If you include the bezels or frame in your measurements, you’re likely to be disappointed with the TV screen size, or you could order a TV that’s too big for the area you want to place the TV in.

Small LED TVs usually have sizes between 28 and 30 inches. Then, larger LEDs and OLED screens can measure any size from 50″ upwards.

How to measure the height

Take your tape measure and place it from the top of the frame to the bottom edge. If you plan to hang your TV or put it on a stand, you should consider that height. Before buying a TV, the manufacturer’s website will show the dimensions.

If you plan to wall mount your TV, you shouldn’t need to consider the stand size and should be fine with fewer measurements.

Checking the width

Next, you should measure the width. Do so from the left edge of the screen to the right-hand edge. Ensure that you include the frame and the bezel around the screen. It’s also important to consider the wires for external devices and their space.

Measuring the screen size of an lg tv without measuring the bezels

Measuring the depth

Another critical measurement to check is depth. This is the distance from the front to the back of the screen. Modern TVs usually have thinner screens, especially OLED TVs, but the back will be thicker because of the electronics. By checking the depth, you will know the distance from the TV to the wall or cabinet.

Determining the perfect viewing distance for the TV

The viewing distance is the final measurement you need to consider to get the most out of your television. It would be best if you sat a certain distance away from it, and the viewing distance depends on the screen size.

It’s advisable to multiply the screen size by 1.5 to get the minimum distance. Since the result would be inches, you can convert it to feet.


Once you make all the necessary measurements, you can then calculate the dimensions of your TV and purchase the right one. When buying a TV, you will notice that the manufacturer includes size details. Compare these with your measurements and buy the right one.

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