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43 Useful Apple Watch Tips & Tricks 2022

Apple watch good for tips tricks
Published 25 April 2022

Last updated on 5 July 2022

You’re probably wondering, why get an Apple Watch? What does it actually do? Is it worth getting one? Well, I thought the same thing, until I got one and realised how useful it can be. Here is a huge list of Apple Watch Tips & Tricks.

It of course depends on who you are and what you do, but it can be very useful for all sorts of people such as sports athletes, cyclists, people who love to work out, runners, business, office workers and much more.

I found it basically works for anyone who isn’t able to keep getting their phone out, when their hands are busy or messy too often, or doesn’t like carrying their phone all of the time. It also does things that your iPhone can’t do such as EGC, BPM check, fall detection and much more.

We will go through many different useful activities and tricks you can do with your Apple Watch, whether it’s a series 4, 5, 6, 7, or later.

If you’re interested, you can check out our Mac tips & tricks or iPhone tips & tricks too!

1. Protect your hearing by detecting sound decibels

Listen for sounds that damage your hearing & alert you if it believes they are too loud.

Locate this yellow ear icon to enable the noise protection:

Noise protection icon apple watch
Noise protect

2. Walkie-talkie

The Walkie-Talkie app enables you to add friends for quick connections. You’ll both need Facetime, but consider it a cool speed dial for your wrist.

Walkie logo
Walkie talkie

3. Apple Pay

The Apple Pay app is integrated with your watch. You can make contactless payments without pulling your phone out.

You can enable this by double-tapping the button on the watch, or going to the Wallet app.

Apple pay

4. Check UV levels

The UV Index Widget allows you to check Ultraviolet (UV) levels and forecasts for a location. Use it to control your exposure level to UV light.

Uv levels

5. Check heartbeat BPM

Get a better idea of your workout intensity through heartbeat trackers. Get your Beats Per Minute (BPM) to ensure your workout meets your pals. 
Heart health tracking also enables you to receive notifications for irregular heartbeats. It can be a concern if your heart races during a rest period. 


6. Check oxygen levels in your blood

The Blood Oxygen App (Series 6 or newer) allows for easy tracking of oxygen in your blood. Use them for critical monitoring of fitness and wellness pals.

7. Fall detection

Call emergency services if you fall unconscious or have a serious fall. This can be enabled by going to Settings > SOS > Fall detection.

8. Mindfulness

The Apple Watch Mindfulness App gives you a break to breathe or reflect in the middle of the day. Take a moment to reconnect yourself and prioritise your mental health.

Mindfulness breathe
Mindfulness pause

9. Customise watch face

Want a unique watch face? You can change it easily through these steps:

  1. Press & hold your finger on the watch face
  2. Swipe left or right to choose between options

10. Look at photos from your iPhone

Your Apple Photos account s connected to your Watch. Simply log in using your Apple account to swipe through them.


11. Voice to text message

With diction turned on, you can choose to do hands-free texts. This is ultra-handy if your hands are busy, or don’t have time to type but want to send a text message.

To enable it, go to your Watch app on your iPhone > General > Enable dictation.

12. Change & control music

Download your favourite music app or easily control your iPhone’s music from your watch. Compatible with Spotify and Apple Music, as well as some others.

Apple music apple watch
Apple Music
Spotify apple watch

13. Second monitor & controller for the camera

The camera app on your Apple Watch enables you to have a second screen. The Apple Watch can act as a viewfinder to help you make more precise pictures. It also allows you to take a photo by being a controller for the camera.

Use apple watch as a monitor control for iphone camera

14. Use it as a remote for the TV or Apple TV

Control TV when connected to the same WiFI network using the Remote App. You need a passcode from your Apple TV to make it work.

Use watch as a remote control for apple tv

15. Find iPhone or any Apple device

Tapping your device from the Find Devices App enables you to find any of your Apple devices.

Find my macbook device

16. Shazam music

We have always wanted to be quick when trying to catch that song playing on the radio. Shazam is available on Apple Watch so it is easy to catch the song before it disappears.


17. Connect to your car using car apps

This allows you to use your Apple Watch as a controller for your car for things like locking, ventilation and more. This totally depends on your car app and what the app allows.

18. Set activity goals

You can set Activity goals from the Activity App on your Apple Watch. Make sure you are getting enough exercise!

19. Read & reply to emails

You can manage and reply to emails from your Apple Watch. The Apple Mail App is similar but works with a smaller screen. You can also reply using the same hands-free features such as speech to text.

20. Track your menstrual cycle

Cycle tracking enables you to track your period. Log daily changes by using the Cycle Tracking App.

Menstrual cycle

21. Ask Siri easily

Siri’s standard features (available through iPhone) are on the Apple Watch. You can easily ask questions and add them to your schedule, just like your phone.

22. Great for workout tracking

Apple Watch includes general features to track your fitness pals. For more features (like different workout types), you can pay for Apple Fitness+.

23. Check maps without your Phone

Your Apple watch enables you to check maps without your iPhone. If hands-free, you can ask Siri for directions to a specific location. This is great when cycling or walking.

24. Apple Watch app store

There are many apps on the Apple Watch app store.

  • Train dog
  • Headspace
  • Workout apps 
  • Music
  • Sleep Tracking
  • And more!

25. Call & speak to people using the watch

If you need to make and receive a call now, you can use your watch as a regular phone. It’s even quicker if you just ask Siri to call someone for you.

26. The watch can be standalone, do not need your phone

Depending on your service provider, you can get an extra feature to allow you to use the watch without your phone. This can be handy for many reasons:

  • In case you forget your iPhone
  • iPhone battery runs out
  • Going for a run and phone is too big to bring

Learn more about setting up Cellular on Apple Watch.

27. Use multiple watch timers

The Apple Watch enables you to set up various timers. You can name the timers to make them easier to track when cooking.

28. Do not disturb & focus mode

The Do Not Disturb and Focus Modes will enable you to disable notifications, texts, and calls. Use it if you need to concentrate on essential tasks.

29. Lock & unlock iPhone when wearing a mask

If you need to wear a mask, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock both the watch and iPhone. This allows you to overcome face recognition.

You can do it by:

  1. Make sure you’re wearing a mask and that your Apple Watch is on your wrist and unlocked.
  2. Raise your iPhone to wake the screen, or simply tap the screen once.
  3. Look at your iPhone to unlock it. Then you can swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to start using it.

30. Track sleep

The Sleep App enables you to track your nightly sleep length. You can also set up an alarm to help you get up.

Sleep logo
Sleep track

31. Unlock your mac

Unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch by approving access requests. No password is necessary.

You can learn how to use your Apple Watch to unlock your devices on the official Apple website.

32. Set alarms

Set multiple alarms for different days and times using your Apple Watch.

33. Use different watch wristbands

The Apple Watch enables great customisation with various coloured bands. Whether you want a sports band or a regular watch band, expect a wide range of colours and designs.

Wristbands for the apple watch

34. Cinema mode

Cinema mode prevents your Apple Watch display from turning on when you raise your wrist. It also deactivates your Walkie-Talkie app and prevents you from receiving your calls. Great if you want to focus on a movie.

To do this, just swipe up on the display > press the two faces button as shown in the video below.

35. Customise & reorganise the app page

You can control what you prioritise. Using the Crown button, scrolling down and then selecting Edit Apps allows you to drag your favourite apps to be more visible.

36. Share your location

Tap “Share my Location” from the iMessage app.

Simply go to a message in iMessage > scroll down to the bottom > press the Send Location button.

You can choose to share your location for one hour or even a few minutes.

37. Track washing your hands

The My Watch App enables you to track hand-washing. Simply tap “handwashing”, and the watch will set a 20-minute timer when you are washing your hands. The watch tracks hand-washing motions, so you won’t have to put in the extra effort.

You can enable this by:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Handwashing and press it
  3. Enable the toggle
Washing hands apple watch

38. Control your smart home with the Home app

Controlling your home with a watch is pretty cool, right? You are able to use the Apple Home app to control all of your smart devices that have been added to the app.

Home logo
Home app

39. Enable water mode

This mode disables the screen from being touched when swimming or in the shower.

  • To enable it, swipe up > press the water drip icon.
  • To disable it, tap the drip icon at the top of the watch face > scroll the Crown wheel until it unlocks.
Unlock the water mode

40. Take a screenshot & send to iPhone

41. Check heart sinus rhythm

Using the EGC app, your watch can show you signs of an irregular heart Sinus Rhythm. It cannot check for heart attacks.

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