Is OLED Worth The Investment?

Oled worth it
Published 31 March 2022

Last updated on 15 December 2022

If you need a new TV to upgrade your entertainment room, an OLED TV is usually the best choice. Those on a budget typically avoid going for this TV because the price is way higher than the standard LED TVs. Despite this, it offers way more value in terms of quality. This article should hopefully answer any burning questions you may have.

The technology behind OLED TVs

One of the reasons why OLED TVs are different from standard LED TVs is the backlighting. OLED TVs don’t have any backlighting but work with independent light sources from each pixel. So, the TVs don’t face the same limitations that LED backlights offer because of the light scattering. This is why OLED TVs offer better contrast and resolution.

OLED TVs also have the technology to make a true black colour since the pixels are working independently. The pixels can be shut off completely, giving you plain black. But, you can’t replicate black in an LED TV because of the backlight.

The technology behind OLED TVs has existed for a long time. But, this doesn’t change the fact the entire manufacturing process is still expensive and challenging. This leads to high quality but high costs. Also, many of the OLED TVs made end up being defective, which makes the other good ones even costlier.
Because of the high price, many people who want OLED TVs for their quality can’t afford them. There’s still no doubt that it is of higher quality than a standard LED TV.

What Makes an OLED TV Worth It?

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when purchasing an OLED TV.

Better Contrast, Brightness, and Black Color

You can enjoy improved brightness, contrast, and black colours with an OLED TV. This means you get even better picture quality than some of the best-LED TVs. It becomes even better when you have high contrast images, dark colours, and vibrant images on the screen.

If you want a TV for playing video games, watching movies, or sports, you can’t do better than an OLED TV. It can even somewhat replicate the experience you receive at a cinema.

Better for Your Eyes

It is also believed that OLED TVs are suitable for your eyes, unlike LED TVs, which produce much blue light. While no unified opinion exists on the effect of blue light on the eyes, many believe that it can cause eye strain.

But with OLED TVs, you get about half the blue light from LEDs. If you enjoy watching TV for an extended period, this will be a good choice for you.

Lcd vs oled eye comfort threshold

Wider Optimal Viewing Angles

OLED TVs are also great for those who need the best viewing angle for their large entertainment area. These TVs don’t have the same limitations as LED TVs have, as some of the pixels on the latter are invisible.

OLED TVs have self-lit pixels, which means that you can view the screen and have high picture quality at any angle. So, if you have a lot of people in the room for TV night, everyone can get a good view regardless of where they’re sitting.

Oled viewing angle comparison
Source: TechReviewer/Brandon Jones

Problem of Durability

OLED TVs are more recent than their LED counterparts which have been around for over two decades. Because of this, no reliable data indicate how long OLED TVs can last after you purchase them. TV manufacturers usually state that their OLEDs would last for 100,000 hours. This is very similar to LED TVs, which means you get the same level of durability and a significant price difference.

So, until OLED TVs become more popular among people, there’s no reliable information on how long they will last. You’ll have to keep in mind that the OLED TV might not last as long as you want it to, even if you’re spending a lot of money on purchasing it. This is another reason why OLED TVs are not considered worth the investment, although all the benefits outweigh this downside.

Will OLED TVs Become Cheaper?

Yes, they will. A number of people don’t want to purchase them now as they’re expecting them to become much cheaper in the future. LED TVs were more expensive initially but are now less costly. So, people naturally expect that OLED TVs will follow the same trend.

If you can’t afford one currently, you can purchase a cheaper LCD TV today and wait a few years for OLED TVs to become much more affordable. Even with that, if you can afford an OLED TV with no trouble, you can purchase it and benefit from the high quality.

OLED TVs are superior to LED TVs, new and even future-proof, but the major downside is that it’s very far from being expensive. An OLED TV is definitely worth the extra cost, although you can put it off for a while and wait till it’s affordable.

Final Thoughts

As OLED TVs offer a wide range of benefits, there’s no doubt that it is worth the cost. But, you can only enjoy these TVs and your investment when you get the best of them, especially when watching sports, playing games or streaming movies. You should only purchase these TVs if you can afford them, especially since there is no assurance of durability.

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