How To Setup Archivarix On Your Server

Archivarix server
Published 14 October 2021

There’s very little information on the internet about how to setup Archivarix on servers. On the Archivarix website tutorials, they are super vague and don’t give easy information for beginners.

If you aren’t clued up on how servers work and what the technical terms are, then there’s a massive barrier for entry. I have dumbed down as much as I can so it’s easy for anyone to understand how to set up Archivarix on a GoDaddy server to use with expired domains.

You can pretty much do this on any server, but GoDaddy would be the best place for it because the expired domains you just bought will be here. might as well keep them all in the same place!

I will start by assuming that you have already bought your expired domain(s), and are wanting to get the old website back up and running using Archivarix.

Step 1 – Get yourself web hosting on GoDaddy

First thing to do is set up your web hosting for your domain. You can find the pricing for all their web hosting here. Choose any one that suits your needs.

Step 2 – Get your data from the Way Back Machine using Archivarix

Way Back Machine to get time stamp

Go to the Way Back Machine and find the latest working time stamp of the website you want to capture. Here is a screenshot of the Google captures:

Google way back machine

Place the time stamp in Archivarix

Once you know the time stamp, you need to place this into the Archivarix Restore a Website page.

Archivarix time stamp enter website

Restore the site

You will get an email with the details of whether the restore was successful and Archivarix was able to capture the time stamp. It will then link you to their website with more information.

If you got a website that is quite large, then there may be a cost to getting all the pages.

Once you have been directed to the Archivarix website, it will give you an option to download the website and the Archivarix CMS (Content Management System).

Restore site archivarix download

Step 3 – Download the CMS from Archivarix

Download archivarix cms

Once downloaded, unzip the zip file so it extracts the PHP file that is called archivarix.cms.php.

There’s no need to download the website. I find it’s best to just copy and paste your unique code like shown below.

Unique code archivarix site

Step 4 – Upload the Archivarix CMS to GoDaddy server

Now you want to go to your cPanel on GoDaddy. Go to your dashboard and click the ‘Manage’ button.

Cpanel godaddy

Once you get there you will need to click on ‘File Manager‘.

Godaddy dashboard

Upload the archivarix.cms.php file to your publich_html folder.

Step 5 – Go to cPanel and enable ZIP reading

This is important! You then need to go to your cPanel and enable the reading of zip files. This needs to be done because your CMS will upload the website as a zip file.

Go to cPanel > Select PHP Version > tick the ZIP checkbox.

Step 6 – Go to your website and load Archivarix CMS

So it is as simple as going to This will load your CMS and all should be well!


There you have it, a nice step by step guide to show you how to host and set up Archivarix on a GoDaddy server. This can be done on any server pretty much. The steps above will apply to most cPanel servers available on the web.


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