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The Best Way to Create a Table in Canva

How to make a table canva
Published 14 May 2022

Tables, no matter the information in them, can be boring if you are creating them the old way. With Canva you can create tables and make them as colourful or animated as you wish and lift up your presentation to a different level. 

Although Canva has some great options and templates for cards, posters of any kind and other ready-made elements, when it comes to constructing a table, it does not have all the features needed for creating it easily. 

However, in this article, we’re about to show you exactly how to create a table in Canva and it will be as easy as 1, 2, or 3. Invest some time in it, master the steps, and you will end up with a unique, fancy-looking Canva table that will dazzle your viewers. 

Keep in mind that Canva does not support third-party application integrations, so if you want to import table segments from elsewhere, you have no other option but to use screenshots. So we recommend simply building your table from scratch with original Canva elements.

Here we will show you all the ways in which you can create a table. Let’s start!

How to create a table in Canva

Step 1 – Load the ‘Tables’ Elements

  1. Open Canva, create a document in the size you need and click on the Elements tab.
  2. In the search bar write ‘Tables’ and wait for all elements to load.
  3. Insert one of the tables into your document.
Elements tab canva

Step 2 – Modify the Table

If your table is pasted on your document and you click on it, an icon with three dots appears at the top and to the side. Clicking on this icon will give you several options, like adding columns and rows but also moving up and down with your rows. The option to edit your table is also available when you right-click.

Select the table image

Step 3 – Reshape Your Table

You can change the shape of a table by holding the circle in its corners and manipulating it. This way, you can make your table bigger, smaller, narrow or wide.

You can also grab each line of the inside and move it up or down, left or right. Depending on the horizontal or vertical line you are holding. This is how you make a row or column narrower or wider.

Use rulers & guides to find the right proportions for your table. 

Step 4 – Use the Toolbar

Toolbar for table canva

When you select your table, a toolbar appears at the top. With this toolbar, you can make a number of adjustments. You can adjust the table, cell spacing, and set the line width and give your table a nice colour.

Be careful when giving your table a colour. You can change the colour of your lines by using the square with the square in it or give each cell its own colour. To do this, select the cell and click on the colour option.

Change the color of table

Do you want to work with a colour palette in the same shades? Then use the search function on the colour option. For example, enter blue and see what Canva gives you.

Step 4 – Insert Text

Double-clicking on a cell activates the option to write text. Currently, you can only write text horizontally in a cell. If you want to write vertical text, use a separate text box. Of course, you can also change the font, size, colour, upper or lower case, underline, bold or Italic.

Adding text to a cell in a table

Step 5 – Animate the table

Would you like an animation on your table? That is possible.

Just click the option and see what Canva has up its sleeve for you. Animation is added when you are going to use your template digitally. If you are going to print your template, this option does not make much sense.

Animate your table

What can you make now?

There’s an endless array of possibilities, depending on what you will use it for. Below you have an overview with links to Canva Pro templates. This will be the inspiration you need to get started. If you don’t feel like experimenting, just use the templates you find.

Contact List

An overview of the people from your class, school, work, sports club or your clients? With this handy template, the information will never get lost again. And the good news is. You can fill it in offline or online.

To-do list

Do you want to know what you have to do every day, week or month? With a to-do list, you will never forget anything. But finish it and don’t let it grow too fast 😉 

Sign-up form

Great for keeping track of people who have signed up with the Sign-Up form in Canva.

Debt Snowball Worksheet

If you want to keep track of your money and have an overview of what debts you have, use the Debt Snowball Worksheet in Canva.

Savings Tracker

But even if you want to save, seeing your money grow in this way encourages you to go for it even more. Track your finances with the Tracker.

Meal Planner

If you’ve been working on budgeting for a while now, making a meal planner will help you immensely. This way, you know exactly what you are going to eat every day, and you can match this with the offers you find in the shops or what you still have in your freezer. This meal planner in Canva is fantastic!

Habit Tracker

Map out all your habits. This tracker makes everything clear and visual. And it will help you grow.