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How To Use Clipping Mask In Procreate

Clipping mask
Published 5 May 2022

Masking in Procreate is another one of those essential skills that every beginner in Procreate should know how to use. It can be applied to so many different pieces of art. Below, we’ll show you exactly how to use the clipping mask in Procreate in the most efficient way.

What is a clipping mask in Procreate?

A clipping mask is used on a new layer, placed above another layer that will only draw on pixels or visual imagery that are on the layer below it. The layer below defines the visible boundaries of where you can draw. It essentially uses the below layer’s visual properties as a mask for you to draw on.

More about clipping masks here.

Quick guide

  1. Add a new layer by selecting the + icon in the Layers Menu.
  2. Now, bring up the options for your new layer and select “Clipping Mask“.
  3. Once you’ve done this, navigate to the “Colour Wheel” and choose which colour you want to mask your drawing with.
  4. And now, all you need to do is go to your canvas and start masking your art.

Video example

How to mask in Procreate – Step by Step

1. Create a new layer for your mask

Start by creating your masking layer. All you need to do is click the + icon in the “Layers menu“. This will create a new layer for your clipping mask.

Creating the masking layer in procreate

2. Select the clipping mask

Next, bring up options for your layer by tapping on the layer and selecting “Clipping Mask“.

Selecting clipping mask in procreate

3. Picking a colour for your mask

Go to your Colour Wheel and choose which colour you want to use to mask your drawing.

Selecting colour in colour wheel procreate

4. Applying the mask

You can now go back to your canvas and start drawing over whatever you want to mask.

Applying mask in procreate

Video tutorial


You should now know exactly how to use the clipping mask in Procreate. It can be an essential tool depending on your style of drawing. Nonetheless, it’s worth learning even if you don’t plan on using it, as it can potentially help you in future projects.

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