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How To Add Text In Procreate + Creating Styles

Add text in procreate
Published 25 March 2022

Last updated on 15 May 2022

The latest Procreate 5.2 update might allow you to paint in 3D. However, one cannot understate the fundamental usefulness of getting your words just right. But how do you add text in Procreate?

Start by tapping the wrench icon in the upper-left corner. Next, click “add text”, wait for the text box to appear, and type in anything you want. 

Below you can find additional tips you can use to make your text unique. These tips will assume you have a multi-touch tablet.

The Basics of Editing Text in Procreate

Here are some basics of using Procreate for text editing:

  • Moving text involves placing your finger on the screen and dragging it around. 
  • Resizing the text box requires holding two blue dots on each corner. 
  • Double-tap the text to open the Edit Style panel
Playing with text

Using the Edit Style Panel for Text

The edit style panel allows you to modify your text in these ways:

  • Font – This selection will enable you to choose your preferred typeface (Times New Roman)
  • Style – Choose your text style with this (bold, italic, ultralight)
  • Attributes – Change alignment (left, right, center), add underlines or outlines, and toggle caps lock (all capitals)

Design, the last setting, enables you to change these attributes:

  • Size
  • Kerning (spacing between grouped letters)
  • Tracking (spacing between individual letters)
  • Leading (spacing at the start of your text)
  • Baseline (the “invisible line” where your text sets)
  • Opacity (transparency)

Get your font to the correct size before using these more advanced tips. For more unique designs, you’ll need to rasterize your font.

Procreate text

How To Rasterize Your Text in Procreate 

Vector text adjusts up and down with no identifiable changes in quality. However, raster text does, so you’ll want to ensure that your sizing is accurate before transitioning. To rasterize your text, tap your text layer on the list of layers and select rasterize.

When you raster text, you transform it into a non-text layer, which will give you more options on the layers panel. You also get these additional design options:

  • Masking
  • Blending
  • Drawing (adding onto text with any brush)
  • Merging (adding multiple layers together)

Masking Rasterized Text

Masking enables you to overlay a design over your text. This allows you to change colors and add new textures quickly, so you don’t have to create a new file for every slight variance.

By tapping on the layer and selecting “clipping mask”, you can make these adjustments:

  • Transform allows you to scale or distort images
  • Adjust lets you play with color and texture effects
  • Deactivate will enable you to see before and after effects 

Blending Text

Blending enables artists to have text respond to the background. Changing blend modes create unique effects for your text like the following:

  • Transforming into different modes (lighten, screen, color dodge, etc.)
  • Changing between different modes to see their impact
  • Adjusting the transparency to change the design impact

You can find a complete list of blending options on Procreate’s handbook.

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Wrap Up

When learning how to use the Procreate app, you should play with it. Like with all design tools, you want to check everything you can. Whether modifying text or editing professional photography, knowing your design options will save you time and effort. We hope this short tutorial helps you with your process.


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