14 Best Free Shopify Apps to Beat Your Competition

Best free shopify apps
Published 11 February 2021

Last updated on 8 December 2022

Shopify is a wonderful eCommerce platform, but it’s almost impossible to run a successful online store with its built-in feature to be completely fair. Happily, the Shopify app store is full of useful apps to improve your website’s functionality. 

Let’s take a look at the best Shopify apps you can use to beat your competition!

1. Digital Downloadable Assets

Digital downloadable assets shopify app

Digital Downloadable Assets is the best app for people selling digital products. Instead of manually fulfilling every order and sending the product, this app automatically sends it to the email address your customers used to purchase. It’s an instant process, and you can basically let your online store run by itself. 

You can find this app in the Shopify store, and it has a free plan where you can add an unlimited number of products and get 5GB of storage. If you want a little more, then its largest plan supports up to 30GB of storage and an unlimited number of attachments per product.

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2. JudgeMe

Judge me — shopify apps

The JudgeMe app gives your store the social proof it needs. It allows your customers to add reviews and photos directly in their emails and also generates rich snippets for Google to read and recommend your products even further. 

This app comes with two plans. The free one comes with a set of amazing features, including unlimited product review requests, in-email forms, SEO snippets, and manual social push. The paid plan, which costs $15 per month, adds site reviews, photos, and videos from customers, Google shopping integrations, and removes the branding. 

Judge me pricing

3. PageFly Page Builder

Pagefly page builder — best shopify apps

PageFly is one of the best Shopify website builders and definitely the most popular one. It’s similar to WordPress’ Elementor and incredibly easy to use by anyone. You can create homepages, landing pages, collection pages, product pages, etc, and access over 70 templates from its library. 

This app has four plans, including a free one. The free plan allows you to test the app, and create 1 page of each type. The next plan costs $19/month and gives you 20 regular pages, 2 pages of each type, and limited tracking session. If you need a larger number of pages, you can consider PageFly’s biggest plan, which costs $99 per month and allows an unlimited number of pages of each type. 

Pagefly builder pricing

4. Goaffpro

Goaffpro — best shopify apps

Goaffpro allows you to set up affiliate marketing programs for your store — this means that you can basically turn your customers into marketers. It’s perfectly integrated with Shopify, the setup process is as easy as possible, and it has a free plan with a ton of features. 

On its free plan, you get an unlimited number of affiliates and unlimited revenue, along with a branded portal, welcome emails, integrated analytics, and mobile apps. Its paid plan costs $24 per month, offers 30+ customization options, an affiliate portal on your own domain, and multi-level marketing.

Goaffpro pricing

5. Lucky Orange

Lucky orange — best shopify apps

Lucky Orange is not just an app — it’s a suite of apps that shows you everything you need to know about how your visitors interact with the website and helps you convert more prospects. It comes with a heatmap, surveys, funnels, live chat, form analytics, and up to 500 page views per month, and this is just the free version.

On its smallest paid plan, which costs $10 a month, you can record 25,000 page views/month, and it only gets better from there. 

Lucky orange app pricing

6. Slide Cart

Slide cart shopify app

Slide Cart changes the functionality of the classic shopping cart completely. It helps you upsell your products, motivate your customers to purchase more with custom deals, sends out announcements when your customers leave products in the shopping cart, and much more.

Like other apps on this list, Slide Cart comes with an awesome free plan that allows you to create custom interactions and slightly customize the shopping cart. On the other hand, its premium plan that costs $14.99 per month adds upselling and rewards module, floating cart and discount codes. 

Slidecart pricing

7. BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

Beprofit features

BeProfit is Shopify’s most accurate profit calculator app which was recently chosen as a Shopify Staff Pick of July 2021. 

The BeProfit dashboard lets Shopify sellers keep track of all their expenses in one place and discover their actual business profits. The app connects with all ad platforms to provide insights on your best performing ads, your ad spend, ROAS and more.

BeProfit also features the option to create, schedule and export custom reports or use predefined report templates so you can stay on top of your numbers at any time. You can also discover your Customer Lifetime Value to help you maximize your total revenue over the long term.

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports provides excellent customer support and has a fantastic average ranking of 4.9 on the Shopify app store.

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8. Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend logo
Omnisend main features

The Omnisend app adds a robust and extensive omnichannel marketing platform to your store. It allows you to reach out to your customers with emails, texts, push notifications, and more. Complete with marketing automation, email building tools, smart segmentation, and reporting features, Omnisend makes it easier to reach out to the right contacts with the right messaging; all at the right time for you.

Omnisend comes with three separate plans; Free, Standard, and Pro. Each plan allows you to engage in email marketing with hundreds of contacts, send SMS campaigns internationally, and enables web push notifications. The paid plans start from $16 a month and both scale depending on your contacts, making Omnisend adaptable to Shopify stores of any size.

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9. Fraud Filter

Fraud filter shopify app

Fraud Filter is one of the best Shopify fraud protection apps and a must-have for any type of store. It’s completely free and allows you to set up certain filters and avoid chargebacks. For example, if you sell items under $10, you can set the app to block any transaction bigger than $200 and review it manually. This app definitely needs to be in your store.

10. Printful

Printful shopify app

Printful is one of the most popular print-on-demand platforms, and it’s fully integrated with Shopify. The process is straightforward — after you connect Printful to your Shopify store, you can start adding custom products. Whenever someone places an order, it’s automatically sent to Printful’s fulfillment center, the customer gets the product, and you get the profit. The best part is that you only pay when someone purchases something — if you don’t have any sales, Printful won’t charge you at all. 

11. Customer Privacy Banner

Custom privacy banner shopify app

All over the world, and especially in the European Union, the GDPR laws are strict, and every website — including your online store, needs to comply with these laws. The Customer Privacy Banner adds a tracking consent banner for EU customers, so they know from the beginning that their data is being tracked, and you won’t get in trouble with the authorities. 

12. Shopify Email

Shopify email app

Shopify Email is one of the new apps out there, and it has the best email marketing system possible — which is understandable, as Shopify created it. It allows you to create email flows and keep your customers and prospects in the loop. The app is free to use as long as you don’t send more than 2,500 emails, and then it’s just $1 for an extra 1,000 emails. 

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13. Order Printer

Order printer shopify app

The Order Printer is one of the most important apps for those selling physical products. It allows you to preview and print all the necessary documents for your orders, offers a lot of customizable templates, and it’s seamlessly integrated with Shopify Shopping and Shopify POS. And the best part? It’s a free app anyone can use in their store!

Regardless of what you sell, your Shopify store needs to have the basic apps and features to track your prospect’s activity, keep them engaged, upsell your products and successfully deliver the products to their doors — or email addresses.

14. Growave

Growave banner

Growave is a top-rated Shopify app for Loyalty, Reviews, Wishlist, Social Login and Instagram. If you are looking for an app that can replace 4-6 different apps on your store, then Growave is your best choice. Growave is an all-in-one marketing tool designed for small and medium-sized Shopify brands, so you can have all advanced features under one dashboard. The app includes a powerful loyalty program with VIP tiers, a points-based program, automated emails, nudges, boost campaign, free product and many more. Such multi-functionality of the app makes it the ultimate platform for online store conversions and sales. It is as much as six times more cost-effective than any of the alternatives on the market. 

This one isn’t free but it was worth a mention. The Starter plan for just 19/month includes all the advanced features such as photo reviews, VIP tiers, referral programs and many others. Pricing is based on the number of orders per month and features. For stores with more than 1,000 orders/month there are various plans that include integrations with Klaviyo and Omnisend.

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