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How to use Uniswap using MetaMask – Safest Route

Published 27 August 2020

Uniswap is one of the leading DEX platforms in 2020. With DEX’s and DeFi leading the way, Uniswap has blown up with thousands of users every day. If you want to experiment with different DEX’s, we have created a list of the top 5 DEX platforms in 2020.

1. Go to


2. You can use either Google Chrome or Brave Browser. We would highly suggest to use Brave as it’s designed for Crypto and from my experience it runs much cleaner with Uniswap.

3. Download and install the Chrome/Brave plugin Metamask. Metamask is the most secure way to connect your web browser with your Ethereum wallet. You can connect your hardware wallets or normal wallets via Metamask. Think of it as the bridge from Uniswap to the Ethereum wallet.

4. Connect your Ethereum wallet so you can purchase things through Uniswap.


Once connected, you will be able to purchase crypto there. A lot of crypto won’t be listed when you first open Uniswap. You will need to add the contract data.

5. If you cannot find your crypto token, Uniswap supports a couple of routes.

  • You can either choose from lists, this will show up once you click ‘Select a Token’ on the Uniswap page.
  • Or you can use the contract address of a specific crypto. To use the contract address you will need to go to Coingecko to get your contract address. This is the safest place to find the genuine contract address. Once Coingecko is loaded, search your crypto and find the contract address marked in red on the example below.
Contract address coingecko 1

6. Copy the contract address.

7. Open Uniswap and click on where you can choose your crypto token. Paste the contract address and click ‘Add’

Aleph uniswap

Now you can purchase crypto. Using any Eth or crypto you have in your wallet, you can swap to another crypto.

Errors when swapping


You may encounter errors while trying to swap, this is usually caused by the slippage being too low. You can change it in the top right corner using the gear icon. Change it up bit by bit until the payment allows you.

Gas fees

If you find issues with the swap taking too long, make you you click the fast gas fee option, this will ensure your swap will go through rapid and not fail.

Cancel the transaction

Also if your payment is taking way too long and you want to speed it up or cancel it, you can. Go to the Metamask icon in your browser, then go to the activity section. You will find your transaction there. You can either speed it up or cancel it but it will come at a small cost.

Ledger Payment Issue

If you are using a Ledger and have issues with the swap, follow our tutorial here to fix it.

How to chart and trade Uniswap

You can also see charts for Uniswap by using ChartEx. It’s a great place to watch the performance and trade your crypto.

Chartex. Pro

Liquidity and information on Uniswap

If you want to see the liquidity and other information based on the contract address of cryptos, you can visit

Uniswap. Info

Uniswap Tips & Tricks

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