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UniSwap transaction keeps failing using Ledger Crypto Wallet: Solved

Uniswap fail
Published 27 July 2020

So I guess you keep getting a transaction that keeps failing when you try and process a purchase of a coin with your Ledger. This is an easy fix so just follow the simple steps below and you will be able to make the purchase.

Go to your Ledger

1. Load the Ethereum app on your Ledger, then go to ‘Settings

Settings ledger

2. Go to ‘Blind signing‘ and you may see that it is disabled. For old Ledger firmware – Go to ‘Contract Data’ and you may see that it is NOT Allowed.

Old Ledger firmware will show

Contract data

Ledger nano s contract data

New Ledger firmware will show

Blind signing

Blind signing ledger enabled

3. Make sure it is set to ‘Allowed‘ or ‘Enabled‘ by clicking the two buttons at the same time.

Contract data allowed
Blind signing ledger

This will ensure that your Ledger can be read by your browser and is enabled to make transactions with your consent. This should hopefully solve your problem!

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