How Long Does Shopify Hold Your Money?

How long does shopify
Published 21 March 2022

How long Shopify holds your money depends on the amount, level of risk, and how long it takes to resolve the chargeback. Shopify can hold your funds for 30 to 120 days. However, the hold can sometimes take up to six months because third parties, like banks and credit card companies, are involved. 

Entrepreneurs across the globe use Shopify and often, transactions are straightforward and will follow the normal payment schedule. Unfortunately, Shopify will hold your money once in a while, which can be frustrating. The rest of the article will delve further into why Shopify holds money and for how long.

Why Does Shopify Hold Your Money For So Long?

Shopify usually takes three to five days to move the payment to the seller’s account. Sometimes it takes longer, which can disrupt your business, especially when you are operating a startup or need regular cash flow to recapitalize your business. 

Shopify holds your money for longer periods when Shopify suspects your business is not eligible for the Shopify payments account. If your business poses a credit or fraud risk or if you have violated the terms of services, Shopify may hold your money. Chargebacks also result in a hold. 

When your money is on hold, you need to find out the reason behind it. Sometimes, you only need to verify some information before the money is released. Sometimes, it is more complex. For example, a chargeback may result in a dispute which may cause you to lose the money, or if you are lucky, you will get paid. However, it may take a while for the issue to be resolved.

This video shows some of the reasons why Shopify may hold your money, and what you can do to avoid it.

How Do You Take Your Shopify Payments off Hold?

Shopify offers multiple payment gateways for sellers to receive payments. Unfortunately, Shopify has no control over third-party providers. Shopify controls Shopify Payments, and you are likely to get direct help when your money is on hold on Shopify Payments. 

You can take your Shopify payments off hold by uploading all the documents needed for verification. If your business is legitimate and has all the necessary documents, Shopify will lift the hold in 24-72 hours. If your documents are rejected, you should use other payment options as you wait. 

Other Shopify payment gateways, like PayPal, have similar demands when they put your money on hold. You only need to give them the documents they request. Sometimes, this verification process will offer future stability and prevent future hold-ups since your business has been verified as legitimate. 


Shopify sometimes holds payments for unknown reasons. Although it can be a pain knowing you have money but have no access to it, the holds also protect your business from fraud. While it is frustrating, sometimes the issue can be resolved within days. If not, you should seek alternative payment gateways that are more accommodative and responsive.


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