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Zeapon Motorized Pan Head & Why You Need It

Published 22 September 2021

Last updated on 5 July 2022


Zeapon is a Chinese tech company that specializes in camera accessories. Since the company launched its Micro series rail slider, several people have been waiting for their PONS motorized pan head accessory. Low and behold, it is now here.

Features of the Zeapon Motorized Pan Head

Zeapon pan head with text

Multi-point Orbit Shooting

For multi-point or horizontal shooting, you only need to choose an orbit point, then adjust your camera towards your target.

Zeapon orbit shooting example

50Kg Horizontal Load

The PONS motorized pan head has a silent yet strong step motor that allows a maximum load of 50 kilograms while offering ultra silence reaching 39 decibels. This feature helps users save time on processing noise reduction. Moreover, in pitching and heading operations, it can function steadily.

This ensures that you can use big cinema rigs to get that smooth panning motion.

Better Inception

Even if you sway your camera, the pan head can shoot on its own. After double-clicking on the operation buttons on the pan head and rail slider, your camera can automatically shoot. Moreover, you can modify the speed, save effort and time, and get better shooting.

Hidden ⅜ and ¼ Screw Cap

Zeapon’s hidden port matches well with ⅜ and ¼ typical screw caps. When you want to keep the screw after a long day of taking photographs or videos, you just have to push the round cap, then rotate it to some degree until it is completely fixed inside the PONS pan head.

This feature prevents damaging camera bags and other gadgets. Moreover, when you hide the screw cap, you can move it upside down to use it as a turntable.


Adjustable Positions Fitting for Large Lens Aperture

You can easily adjust your camera’s COG (Center of Gravity) because the tilt arm incorporates an adjustment design. Also, it works well with mainstream cameras. Moreover, it has a heightening framework that matches well with large lens apertures. Therefore, you do not have to install extra heightening pads.

Adjustable head

Physical Buttons For Point Fixing and Speed Adjustment

PONS motorized pan head has physical buttons that allow you to adjust rotational speed without connecting to the Zeapon lab APP. Moreover, it helps you fix the orbit and complete the setting quicker.

Quick Switching Between Tilt Head and Pan

The accessory has a quick locking mount that allows you to firmly disconnect and connect the two pan heads, not needing to rotate them. Therefore, it offers efficient switching for better shooting.

Panoramic Shooting

To unlock the 360-degree shooting, you must input your camera’s focal length and sensor size in their mobile APP, which is Zeapon Lab. The software will then automatically compute the number of shots you have taken horizontally and vertically. After you press start, your camera will begin to take panoramic photos.

Note that to allow panoramic shooting, the biaxial pan head (two axes) must work simultaneously. This feature helps you complete expansive panoramic shooting at a faster pace.

Zeapon example

Final Words

The Zeapon PONS motorized pan head is a perfect camera accessory that helps every photographer obtain better shots at maximum efficiency. As more and more people appreciate good image quality, a powerful pan head and a lightweight slider are what every photographer or videographer needs.

Zeapon PONS Motorized Pan Head

Zeapon Lab App Walkthrough


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