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Setup PayPal for WooCommerce Stores

Paypal for woocommerce
Published 26 April 2021

If you are running an eCommerce store through WooCommerce, you need to have a means of accepting money from your customers. Fortunately, the WooCommerce PayPal function makes it easy for you to receive payments from your customers anywhere in the world. PayPal is arguably one of the most popular online payment methods. Not only is PayPal secure, it is also easy to use. WooCommerce has a PayPal functionality built in which can be enabled and disabled easily. However, if you want to be able to receive payments through PayPal you must correctly setup your PayPal account with WooCommerce.

In this tutorial I will outline the steps you need to follow to enable your WooCommerce store to accept payments through PayPal.

1. Setup a PayPal Sandbox Account

Firstly, it is important to ensure everything is working smoothly before deploying a PayPal payment gateway to your WooCommerce website. A PayPal Sandbox account is a safe and isolated place for testing gateway operations. To set up a Sandbox account, go to Log into Dashboard on the PayPal Developer website. You can set up a PayPal account or log in to an existing one. Select Business Account and enter your email address.

Setup a paypal sandbox account

In summary, you have successfully created a PayPal sandbox account and can begin connecting PayPal to your WooCommerce store.

2. Setup PayPal account with WooCommerce

Secondly, you must integrate your new PayPal account with your WooCommerce store. In your Dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.

Payment settings in woocommerce

In the Payment gateways section, select PayPal > Manage.

Setup payment methods and paypal in woocommerce

To display the PayPal payment on your checkout page, you must ensure the Enable PayPal Standard box is checked. Therefore, when your customers go to check out their purchase on your WooCommerce website, they will be redirected to PayPal where they can pay with their PayPal accounts or credit cards.

Setup paypal standard gateway on a woocommerce website

Set your Title and Description

Additionally, you can set the Title and Description to any text you wish to be displayed at the checkout. Here I have set the title as PayPal and the description explaining that you can pay with PayPal or your credit card.

Title on description for woocommerce checkout
Checkout page on an ecommerce store

PayPal Emails

The first email field requires you to input the email address you used to set up your PayPal sandbox account in Step 1 of this tutorial. Payments made by customers are sent to this account. Payment information will be sent to the Receiver email.

Paypal emails

Setup PayPal identity token

PayPal identity tokens verify and identify payments. To generate your identity token, login to your PayPal account and go to Settings > Seller Tools > Website Preferences. Then, you can select Update website preferences.

Setup paypal identity token

Finally, turn on Auto returns and Payment data transfer and paste the URL to your “Thank You/Order Received” page and click save. PayPal will then display your identity token which you can copy and paste into the PayPal Identity token box in your WooCommerce settings.

Paypal auto return
Insert paypal identity token to a woocommerce website


In conclusion, this tutorial has outlined the required steps for you to take in order to begin receiving payments through your WooCommerce store via PayPal. If you found this tutorial helpful, check out our other WooCommerce tutorials and WordPress tutorials.

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