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Why Are Macbooks Not Touchscreen?

Why are macbooks not touch screen
Published 14 May 2022

MacBooks are not touchscreen because Apple is focusing on indirect input with their Macs. The MacBook is designed for indirect input, while the touchscreen interface is left to the iPad.

Further to that, the operating system on iPads is perfectly designed to be used with a touch screen. The icons are bigger, iPad’s shape is easier to touch and it includes an on-screen keyboard etc.

Also, MacBooks are created to keep your hands in one area and master that technique. You also have the Trackpad (touchpad), which is a faster method to introduce touch features to your MacBook, plus it saves you from getting your screen dirty with fingerprints.

Is Apple going to add the touchscreen to the MacBook?

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Apple customers have wondered why the company has not added the touchscreen to their MacBook functionality for a long time. This is especially since Windows laptops and Chromebooks have this feature.

When asked about this, Apple stated that the company has always focused on indirect input for MacBook. Furthermore, they have no reason to change this structure.

The iPad is the reason

Apple is already well-known for making one of the best touch computers globally, and this is available on their iPad. The iPad is left for direct input through touchscreen since it is optimized.

For now, the MacBook is not associated with inconvenience and is just as easy to use as Windows computers with a touchscreen feature. Touchscreens don’t add much value, especially when you have the Trackpad with brilliant hand multi-touch gestures.

But Apple is sticking to its plans, as you might have seen in the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook models.

Will Apple release a touchscreen Macbook?

Although one can never tell what will happen in the future, it’s unlikely for Apple to release a touchscreen MacBook computer. Apple is standing firm on its belief that the iPad is the best for touchscreen functionalities, not the MacBook, so the latter does not need the feature.

Apple has also repeatedly stated that the touchscreen functionality does not work well on their MacBooks.

In 2010, Steve Jobs stated,

“We’ve done tons of user testing on this, and it doesn’t work. Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical. It gives a great demo, but after a short period, you start to fatigue, and after an extended time, your arm wants to fall off. It doesn’t work; it’s ergonomically terrible.”

Apple has decided to stick to the more comfortable and natural design for the MacBook and that does not include a touchscreen.

What other features does the MacBook lack?

Face ID

Aside from the touchscreen functionality, Apple has refused to add Face ID to its MacBook computers, unlike its competitors with the Windows Hello feature.

Apple stated that Face ID isn’t ideal for laptops since your hands are on the keyboard, so you can simply touch the fingerprint sensor. But this reason attracts a lot of criticism from users since Face ID is clearly better.

With Face ID, you can look at the screen, and it unlocks without reaching for the sensor. This is another feature that makes the MacBook’s user experience seem less convenient than other PCs. But despite this feature, the MacBook is still one of the most popular computers anyone can buy. You can also see our blog on the best Mac tips and tricks to enhance its use.


Gaming is one of the biggest industries in the most recent years. But why aren’t many games available on Apple machines?

One big reason is that game developers haven’t developed them for macOS. That’s why you still see some games, but most gaming companies just don’t see the value when the majority of customers who buy Macs don’t buy them for gaming.

Another big reason is that Apple computers historically haven’t had the most powerful GPUs. GPUs are the main component in running a powerful game.

With the latest M1 MacBooks, people have mentioned that gaming is now possible with the amount of power you get from these machines. But only time will tell to see if game developers begin to develop more games on macOS.

Hard to upgrade hardware

Apple are famously known for making it difficult to upgrade your computers unless you have the Mac Pro which is super expensive. But, in recent years, Apple has begun to listen to their customers and allow them to upgrade specific components such as the RAM. It of course depends on which computer you get.

I can also see why Apple would do this, is to stop “devaluing” their brand. If people could add third party parts which weren’t good quality and then sell them to others, then those people could think these parts would be Apple’s originals and not good quality at all.


To be fair, the MacBook doesn’t lack much at all. The new 2022 versions have blown people away by being the fasted laptops on the market, best battery life and an all-around incredible powerhouse.

You can learn more about MacBooks and what you get by going to the Apple MacBook page.


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