When is Weaving Tides released?

Weaving tides game
Published 8 June 2021

Last updated on 5 July 2022

Who is Weaving tides by and when is it released?

Weaving Tides is an indie dungeon/puzzle based adventure game. In development by ‘Follow The Feathers’ and being published by ‘Crytivo Games’. Originally set to release back in 2020, Weaving Tides was delayed due to the COVID pandemic.

Weaving Tides will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC and Macintosh, on the 27th May 2021. You can purchase it on Steam.

What is Weaving Tides?

For those of you that don’t know Weaving Tides is an indie, puzzle based adventure game. Set in a world filled with magic and textiles. With the help of your carpet dragon you must use their ribbon tail to overcome textile based puzzles and challenge quirky creatures. There are three main stages the game sees you through. 

  • Silken Desert
  • Spun Forests
  • The Moth Kingdom

Your characters name is ‘Tass’. A human who is joined by his foster dad ‘Kilim’. With the help of Kilim and your carpet dragon.

What is your role?

Your role within the game is to cut, stitch and weave your way through its Zelda inspired dungeons. With the help of Kilim and your carpet dragon the main objective it to uncover the secrets of Tass’ past. There are specific weavers to choose between and customise with different abilities. Giving you different options which compliment your play-style. 

Playground Mode

As well as the main story, Weaving Tides also features a ‘Creative Playground Mode’. Within this mode you are free to create your own colourful and interesting digital embroidery. Playground mode is also useful in unlocking new, colourful ribbons for your weavers to use during the campaign.


Although Follow The Feathers is a small independent team, Weaving Tides is a title we are very excited for. It promises to be both charming and charismatic with its array of eccentric characters and colourful, textile based environments. It truly is a unique game and hopefully will stick to its new release date of Q1 2021. Priding themselves on releasing family friendly titles Weaving Tides promises to fit that description while also offering a more challenging, puzzle-based experience.

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