What Makes a Good Photographer? Interview With an Artist

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Published 26 February 2021

Last updated on 17 April 2021

For a lot of time, people believed that any person with a camera can be a photographer — and to be completely honest, that’s not wrong. However, there is a difference between being a regular person with a camera and an artist. 

In my time, I’ve met a lot of photographers in all the possible niches — from portraits to pets, products, and even boudoir. Even though I considered a lot of them to be good, there’s one specific pair of photographers that stuck with me, and I had the pleasure to interview them for

I used to think that the passion for photography was the same for everyone, but it’s almost never the case. We’re different people, with different views, and we all want to make a difference in the world. 

Let’s proceed, shall we?

What Are the Most Important Qualities of a Photographer?


This would normally go without saying, but I’m still saying it. Creativity doesn’t stop at arranging a nice shot. You need to plan ahead, decide what kinds of props and lights you will use, what kind of gear you will bring and how will the edits look like. This plan helps you stay consistent, and even though it doesn’t have to be consistent, it’s vital!

An eye for detail

Everything stands in the details, otherwise, we’d just be photographing empty walls and say “you know, this is art,” — but it’s not like that. Photographers need to pay a lot of attention to every single detail — not only because it makes the whole photo better, but also because it can be complicated to remove it in post-processing.

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Some time ago I had the pleasure to discuss with a wildlife photographer and I understood how important patience is. She used to wait for hours until the ferrets brought the prey back to their lairs, but the results were always stunning. And this is a general rule for any type of photography. If you want to make it perfect, you need to take your time!


This applies to any type of photography, both outdoors and in the studio. You need to be flexible with your schedule, your decor, your everything. And pro photographers know this better than anyone. 


Passion is without a doubt, the most important thing for a photographer — and no one ever does it for nothing. Yes, some people try to make a few bucks with a camera, but I can promise it never works out. 

I asked Oana and Alex from Foto&Film a few questions about what it’s like to be a pro photographer and actually earn an income doing this, and the answers were really impressive in my opinion. Let’s take a look at it. 

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Interview With Pro Photographers

Q: What motivated you to become a photographer?

“BEAUTY!. The beauty I can see in the woman’s portrait, in the light of the sunset, in the gentle smile of the child, In the texture of the dragonfly’s wings, you name it. What better way to celebrate beauty but immortalizing it in a beautiful photograph?!” 

To be completely honest, this is probably the most beautiful answer I got to this question. It’s a type of passion you don’t see every day.

Q: What were the biggest roadblocks you encountered?

“There were many obstacles since we opened the studio. Mainly because we had to learn to find the balance between the money earned and the money spent on new, latest-generation equipment. It’s the photographer’s curse to always want the newest camera.”

And of course, it’s something we can all relate to, right?

Q: What was your most complex project?

“I don’t know if so much complex, but certainly challenging. We had the opportunity to be the on-set photographers for the movie “The Nun.” It was not in our studio, not in our setup of lights –– I had to snap the best frame from the few free angles I could find between the movie crew and staff. I loved it, I loved the vibe, the crew, the many things I have learned from this experience!” 

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Q: What do you think it’s the most important quality of a photographer?

“In my opinion, the best quality of a photographer is also the best thing about being a photographer. You always have to learn new things. If you don’t want to learn about tendencies today, about new approaches, new technologies, if you don’t constantly improve your technique, I believe you will get stuck in the force of habit. The thing I love the most about this job is that I always try something new, I try a new setup of lights, new posing, new projects, I can never get bored!” 

Q: How do you adapt to the different types of photography? 

“Our studio has enough equipment, space, and props to do almost any project. If the request is something we never did before, we do thorough research on the subject, make a few tests before the actual photoshoot, exchange ideas, acquire new props if needed and it always ends up in a surprisingly beautiful result!”

Q: What’s your to-go gear?

“The camera we use is a Nikon Z7, with the right lenses for each project, with two to more lights, depending on the type of subject. We obviously need different gear and different settings for product and boudoir photography. I love natural light, but unfortunately, you can not trust the weather forecast these days.” 

Q: What is the software you use the most?

“We use Adobe Photoshop for photography and Premiere Pro for video editing.”

Q: What does photography mean to you?

There is a song that goes like this: “I’m on vacation, every single day, cause I love my occupation”. Photography is our income source, but it is also the occasion to have fun, to do something beautiful and different each day.”

And I think I have everything I need. Maybe a photography career isn’t for me, but there are a lot of people out there who definitely have the eye and strength to do it!

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