What is ENDER LILLIES: Quietus of the Knights?

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When is ENDER LILLIES: Quietus of the Knights out?

ENDER LILLIES is best described as a Metroidvania, action-adventure style RPG. Developed by Live Wire and Adglobe. Initially set to release in January 2021 ENDER LILLIES but delayed until June. Published by Binary Haze Interactive, ENDER LILLIES will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.


Set in “Lands End” and sees you make your way through underground caverns, submerged Forrests and a grand castle. What was a normal kingdom has now descended into ruin. After the “Rain of Death” took the kingdom by surprise, all living things were transformed into frenzied undead monsters called “The Blighted”. You play as a character named ‘Lily’ who awakens from within the confines of a church within the kingdom. It is your job to unravel the mysteries of the ‘Rain’ and to defeat strong bosses in varying locations throughout the world. ENDER LILLIES sees you battle your way through a dark and desolate fantasy world. Defeating bosses before turning them into allies. 

What is the gameplay like?

ENDER LILLIES is set on a fully traversable 2D map with beautiful animation and atmospheric music. Giving you the ultimate freedom in exploration, you’re free to take whatever paths and fight whichever boss’ you like. Not only this but exploration promises to uncover new and interesting mysteries. Some more gameplay features include:

  • Fast paced, tense combat situations. Keen focus is required to stay alive.
  • Customisable stats to tune Lily for seamless gameplay.
  • 26 new skills to learn and master to compliment your play style. These include, bow, sword, magic skills and many more!
  • Strong bosses. Tainted knights you must defeat before enlisting them as allies.
  • Multiple endings based on your choices throughout your play through.

In Summary

All in all ENDER LILLIES: Quietus of the Knights looks like a beautiful game. With stunning visuals and fast paced, dynamic gameplay. The complete freedom in exploration and discovery as well as multiple endings and the ability too customise your character to best suit your gamestlye. ENDER LILLIES has a lot of potential and we hope it lives up to the hype!

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