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Top 10 Photography Blogs to Follow in 2021

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Published 30 March 2021

Last updated on 17 April 2021

It seems that now more than even people are taking courses and learning online about everything and anything that takes their interest. Undoubtedly, photography is one of those things & good photography blogs are hard to come by. Whether you aspire to build a successful photography business or simply take on a new hobby, there’s everything you would need to know online. From videos, podcasts, tips and tutorial sites, eBooks, to in-depth guides, workshops, and what have you.

But so much information can be overwhelming at times, which is why I have decided to narrow down the focus a bit – only photography blogs at this time.

Instead of presenting you with vast resource options, I have done thorough research on all photography blogs and listed the top 10 that are an absolute must for anyone looking to better their skills and learn more about photography and gear.

Of course, this list will get updated in the future, so if there is a blog you consider worth listing, let me know, and I’ll make sure to include it.

With that said, here’s Tecker’s ultimate list of the best photography blogs in 2021!

The Phoblographer

The phoblographer website
Phoblographer Website

The Phoblographer blog contains some great resources to help you improve your photography skills and get the most of your shots. Looking to buy some gear but can’t make up your mind? Here, with their array of product guides and reviews, you will learn all about the equipment and how to use it to get the most out of it.

There are many practical tutorials as well, such as framing a shot in a way that will catch your viewer’s attention, how to sharpen your skills with easy daily activities, and how to tell a story with your camera. A lot of fantastic info here, so you absolutely have to bookmark this one because, I guarantee you, you’ll often be visiting.

Two Loves Studio

Two loves studio website
Two Loves Studio Website

Food photography is massive right now, and if you are into that and want to sharpen your skills, the Two Loves Studio is a blog you’ll want to follow. The photographer, Rachel, is a foodie and a photographer who learnt how to combine the two and create art.

From beautiful shots to tips and tricks on making your food look even more delicious on camera, this blog has it all. There is also plenty of information and techniques on how to start a photography business. If you are serious about your photography endeavors, you can even take Rachel’s masterclasses about mastering Lightroom, composition, and business for food photography. This way, you can build your skills up and get the most out of your gear.

Depositphotos Photography Blog

Depositphotos blog website
Depositphotos Website

This is a blog with everything you want to know about photography, design, and marketing. As an all-encompassing resource, on Depositphotos you will find many useful tutorials. Everything on framing your shots, the proper focus, making the most out of your gear, and a lot more. Plus, you can read all about the latest photo trends, stock photography insights, and marketing tips. Truly a great resource for those looking to start their photography business.

As an insight into the industry, the Depositphotos do many interviews with famous photographers. All with the goal to motivate you to become a better photographer. And if you ever need some inspiration, you can explore their featured collections of images from their library or keep up with the latest trends.

Davis duChemin

Davis duchemin website
Davis duChemin Website

What better source of inspiration than from a best-selling photographer and author that creates compelling images while exploring the world? Davis duChemin is an assignment photographer and digital publisher that focuses on people. He tells their stories through the camera, frames world events, and many publications he finds inspiration in.

Joe McNally

Joe mcnally website
Joe McNally Website

In the line of professional photographers worth following, Joe McNally is a name to bookmark! An award-winning and internationally acclaimed pro that works mainly with commercial brands, notable magazines, and editorial projects. His work bases in more than 70 countries so far. On Joe’s blog, you will see many travel anecdotes, project background stories, and journey shots behind the scenes. He shares tips and advice for both professionals and photography newbies that want to start but don’t know where.

Richard Bernabe

Richard bernabe website
Richard Bernabe Website

This is a photography blog and Richard Bernabe writes from a well-traveled perspective and shares a story behind each of his photoshoots. Adventure photography is the driving force that inspires him, and if you want to be in the same line in the photography industry, I recommend you keep up with his updates. Richard has had his work featured in the news, travel, and cultural magazines so far, while his articles primarily focus on photography tools and how he gets the most out of them.

Feature Shoot

Feature shoot website
Feature Shoot Website

Even the best artists and photographers draw inspiration from their favorite sources. If you lack inspiration, Feature Shoot is the blog for you! They showcase the work of established photographers and tell the story of photoshoots in many different categories. This way, any aspiring photographer can find their niche.

From portraits, still life photography, landscapes to fine art, and some of the very best documentary photography; you can find the complete behind-the-scenes story about each photoshoot with a detailed narrative. In the archive, The Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Alison Zavos, has included more than 4000 photo blog posts. All for people to draw inspiration from. There are artist interviews, reviews of exhibitions, and virtual shows to keep you updated with all things related to photography.


Photofocus website
Photofocus Website

All levels of photographers can find helpful information in many of the PhotoFocus blog’s resources. They have training videos, interesting podcasts, cameras, and other gear reviews. PhotoFocus also often interviews photographers and business leaders in the photo industry to collect helpful information from the field. This is your starting point if you want to get into the photography world but don’t know where to start.

Skip Cohen University

Skip cohen university website
SCU Website

Keeping up with current photography trends is easy with SCU. You get photography updates, gear releases, and tips to upgrade your skills from a newbie to a pro. The website also offers plenty of educational tools in the photography industry, and you have access to resources on how to get the most out of each. SCU also creates their own webinars, podcasts, and blog posts for those that want to learn more.

Lightroom Killer Tips

Lightroom killer tips website
Light Room Killer Tips Website

You want to learn photography and learn it fast? The Lightroom Killer Tips offers many shortcuts to mastering photography with valuable lists and tutorials on how to process your photos, what gear is best for which type of shooting, and so on. Lightroom Killer Tips can lead you through the entire photoshoot, from initial planning to the final editing and post-production. Formatted for quick access, their posts are easy to read and reference.

Photography Blogs Bottom Line

Whatever you want to learn about related to photography, you will find on these photography blogs. The most important thing is to never stop researching and growing. Consistency is what keeps your skills shining, and learning keeps them sharp. If you have other favorite photographers and blogs you follow, feel free to comment below so that I can add them to the list.


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