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How You Can Stop AirPods from Reading Texts

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Published 13 May 2022

Last updated on 17 June 2022

One of the most popular accessories provided by Apple is the AirPods. While this device is convenient and will enhance your audio experience, not all of its features are liked by users.

One of these features we’ll talk about here is when your AirPods read your texts aloud, meaning they can interrupt your music and startle you.

Apple AirPods offer a more stable and faster wireless connection to devices. Some of the features of the AirPods are; a few versions with noise cancellation, reading of texts/notifications, and spatial audio.

These features alone tend to differentiate AirPods from other brands. Apple makes it very easy to use AirPods when connecting them to your Apple device, they’re practically designed to be easy to use.

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Why should you stop AirPods from reading texts?

Airpods, as stated earlier, are a fantastic piece of technology with excellent qualities, but these features can occasionally be annoying, especially the reading of texts feature on AirPods. This feature allows your AirPods to read messages and notifications over any other app in use at that time.

The reading texts feature can interrupt the user’s activity at that point in time. If you are that user, and you are tired of the reading texts feature of your AirPods interrupting your music, podcast, or YouTube videos, then this article is for you.

How to stop AirPods from reading texts

Turning off or learning how to stop AirPods from reading texts is straightforward. This feature can be turned off either using an iPad or iPhone. Below are the following steps to prevent AirPods from reading texts.

There are two methods of stopping your AirPods from reading texts;

  • Permanently remove/stop reading texts with Siri; or
  • Temporary disable/off the reading texts feature.

Permanent removal

  1. Go to “Settings.
  2. Click on “Control Center“.
  3. Scroll to “Announce Message” and select the “Minus (-)” sign.
  4. Click on “Remove” on the right side of the screen.

Temporary removal

  1. Swipe down the screen to open the “Control Panel“.
  2. Tap on the “Announce Message” icon to disable it.
  3. To disable this feature for a specific duration, then;
  4. Tap and hold the “Announce Message” icon till a Menu appear.
  5. Select “Mute” for “1 Hour or Off for the Day” from the Menu.

How to stop AirPods from reading texts using Apple Watch

Apple has introduced another way to change the settings of your AirPods even when you’re currently using them. You can stop AirPods from reading texts via your Apple Watch even when your iPhone or iPad is not nearby. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom to access the Control centre.
  • Step 2: Select the “Announce Message with Siri” icon to turn it off.

To disable this feature for a specific duration, then;

  • Step 3:  Hold on to the “Announce Message” Icon till a menu appears.
  • Step 4:  Select “Mute” for “1 Hour or Off for the Day” from the Menu.

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Having your song, podcast, or YouTube video interrupted by messages that may be unimportant or have the wrong timing is such an annoying experience. If you have been struggling with those experiences, hopefully, they are now over.

With detailed adherence to the steps listed above, you can now comfortably stop AirPods from reading texts through your iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch.

We wish for peaceful days ahead of you and hope that you can now listen to your music and watch your YouTube videos in peace.

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