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How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive

How to move steam games to another drive
Published 12 April 2022

We’ll be showing you how to move Steam games to another drive. Although this may seem tedious and difficult, moving Steam games to a separate drive is easy. Provided you have the space on the new drive. This can save you from having to delete & redownload your games onto the new drive.

Quick Guide

First of all, open the Steam software. Then go to ‘Steam’ in the top left of the software. From here, select ‘Settings’, then ‘Downloads’. Select ‘Steam library folders’; this will bring you to the storage manager. Once this window is present, select the ‘+’ icon next to your main drive. Just select the drive you want your new Steam library to be located. Once this is done, you should have a new Steam library located on the drive of your choice.

Once that’s done, all you need to do now in the same window is select the games you want to move and then click ‘Move’ at the bottom-right of the window you’re in.

How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive – Step by Step

Step 1 – Open Steam and navigate to Steam library settings

Once Steam is open, select ‘Settings’, ‘Downloads’ then ‘Steam Library Folders’.

1 - open steam and navigate to steam library settings

Step 2 – Create your new library on the other Drive

Once you’ve selected ‘Steam Library Folders’ a new window will pop up. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to your drive at the top of this new window. This will bring up another window where you can select your drive and create a new Steam library folder anywhere you want on your new drive.

Step 2 - create your new library on the other drive

Step 3 – Move your games of choice to your new drive

Go back to the Storage Manager. From here, you can select which games you want to move by ticking the boxes to the right next to the game. Once the games you want to move are selected, just click ‘Move’ at the bottom-right side of the Storage Manager window. All that’s left is to wait until your game has finished moving to the new drive.

Step 3 - move your games of choice to your new drive


Moving Steam games to another drive can really help to organise your PC storage just that much more. Especially if you’re struggling with storage space too. You should now know exactly how to move your Steam games to another drive/location on your PC. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in the way that you needed it to.

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