When we’re talking about the best E-Commerce platform out there, it’s also important to pay close attention to the small things. After all, building your own Shopify store is not a hard job, especially when you are provided with so many tutorials to help you in this mission. Your online store can start right now!

We have a team of Shopify experts behind Teckers, with over 7 years of professional experience. We want to spread our knowledge gained over the years, helping you get it right first time and prevent problems. We have spent countless hours testing, so you don’t have to.

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Is Shopify the leading eCommerce platform?

In 2021, Shopify is easily the leading eCommerce platforms. Introducing hundreds of thousands of businesses to online commerce, it’s opened a gateway that was previously not possible.

One of the hardest stepping stones for people to create an online shop was to get a team of developers. This can be very very costly, especially if you were selling many products that required constant updates. Shopify solved this by creating a platform that doesn’t require coding to set up a whole eCommerce store. Don’t get me wrong, there were other ways of creating eCommerce stores over the years such as WordPress & WooCommerce, but these were still quite complicated and generally required some customisations with code.

Shopify has grown to be the best entry-level and professional platform for businesses to start an online store. Companies such as MVMT, Netflix Shop & GymShark have been built on Shopify. The main reason why it works for top-level professional brands too is because of the unique and powerful features no other platform has. Shopify uses some of the fastest CDN networks in the world, servers can handle endless amounts of orders and load, amazing tax tracking systems, integrations with other platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks, integrates with all popular payments system like Stripe and Paypal, and many more insane tools that come along with it. It’s the one-stop place for eCommerce building.

Shopify also has an incredible app store that has many powerful applications, giving endless customisations for different types of stores. Our experts have written guides on the best Shopifys apps for Digital stores, SEO, Marketing & much more. They have even written some rare Shopify tips & tricks that only real experts are aware of.

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