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12 Tips on How to Recover Abandoned Carts on Shopify

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Published 8 July 2021

Last updated on 26 December 2021

Cart Abandonment Causes, Mitigation, and Contingency

A whopping 69.57% of shopping carts on eCommerce sites are constantly abandoned.

Cart abandonment is a common problem for online business owners and merchants, and they happen for more than one reason.

Whatever the reason is, cart abandonment is a waste of potential revenue. With the current percentage of abandons, you can virtually calculate 70 lost customers out of 100 shoppers.

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Cart abandonment

How do you recover that loss?

In this article, you will discover the causes for cart abandonment so that you can unquestionably pinpoint issues that you can mitigate. Additionally, you will learn about the best method for abandoned cart contingency so that you can win back the potential losses.

Why Do People Abandon Carts?

To answer this, you should put yourself in the perspective of a shopper.

Why will you leave the grocery, restaurant, retail store, or shopping store when you have items in your cart? What stops you from continuing to go to the cashier and pay?

Like anyone else, the reasons can be random, but some of them are caused by you, the store.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why People Abandon Carts.

  1. Personal distractions like an important phone call or running out of time for an appointment can lead a person to leave the current activity at hand.
  2. A random change of interest can turn someone’s attention away from checkout.
  3. Some add-to-cart things that they are merely studying with no intention to purchase in the first place.
  4. A shopper might find out they have no money during checkout.
  5. When a person finds out they are not getting the product they thought they are buying, they might discontinue the transaction.
  6. Impatience when it comes to queueing can effectively lead someone to leave a store.
  7. The lack of a preferred payment method and security can cancel a transaction.
  8. An unfortunate experience in the checkout process like an error or surprise costs.
  9. Complex checkout processes can annoy a person towards leaving.
  10. A failed promo or discount implementation can discontinue checkout.

There are more reasons why people fail to checkout and tend to abandon carts on your Shopify store, but they all have a similar theme. Most reasons why carts are abandoned centre around inconvenience, whether it is given by the shopper or the store.

While you cannot control those causes that shoppers contribute, you can definitely up the ante when it comes to making your Shopify store more convenient.

Here Are 12 Tips for Mitigating Cart Abandonment

People like doing things simply, quickly, and conveniently. They want things ASAP and hassle-free.

Hence, it is no wonder that 18% of people will leave carts merely because of a checkout process that’s above their minimum comfort of convenience.

The key is to make things easy – treat them as lazy.

  1. Implement conversion rate optimization so that your processes, content, and design make everything smooth for your shoppers.
  2. Ensure a seamless and pleasant UX or user experience for your Shopify eCommerce website.
  3. Make your loading speeds faster, especially at shopping and checkout.
  4. Lessen your checkout form fields. People today hate long forms to fill out.
  5. Allow guest checkout because many people already despise sign-ups.
  6. Do not clutter the checkout page. Let the shopper focus on the payment process.
  7. Optimize the checkout process – zero errors.
  8. Include as many payment options as possible, especially those preferred by your audience.
  9. Acquire and display payment security badges. Also, have your reviews, ratings, accreditations, and recognitions on your pages for gaining users’ trust.
  10. Avoid surprise costs by using a cost calculator at shopping and do FREE SHIPPING.
  11. Offer perks like promos. For example, use an exit pop-up to immediately potentially recapture an abandoning user.
  12. Base your Shopify site, shopping process, and checkout on the principles of customer service.

This list is not a full bin of reasons why people might leave your Shopify carts when shopping. There are a few more specific causes, but these items cover most of the things anyone will encounter.

Again, the main principle being hit when it comes to why people leave carts is CONVENIENCE. If something bad is apparent, whether it comes from the shopper or the store, a cart will be abandoned, and, at the end of the day, the business owner is the one to lose potential revenue.

Unfortunately, while you can do some mitigation actions to reduce abandonment, you won’t be able to say you are 100% when it comes to checkouts.

So is there a way to get back the lost shoppers? Yes.

Here Are Three Effective Ways of Abandoned Cart Recovery

Email Marketing will help you engage lost users

However, while this is effective, it takes a significant amount of time for any business operator to design, write copy, furnish funnels, and do all the required work for emails.

Also, while there are Shopify apps for emails, they mostly cost premiums and still take quite a bit of work to use. And even if you are using a drag and drop email app, you will still have to be knowledgeable on some technicalities of email marketing to get started.

Using push notifications can remind people to come back to shopping

Yes, push notifications can work, but the digital fatigue of most people will eventually end its effectiveness. It can work for a while for an individual but give it a few days or weeks, and they will turn off the red dots you give them.

SMS or TEXT engagement is a refreshing way to win back your cart abandoners

Use an app like Winback. This app converts your lost checkouts into sales using tech and big data via SMS as a channel.

If you would look at your phone, most of your messages do not come from SMS anymore, and getting a text message can sometimes be refreshing. Also, we usually associate important messages with SMS – it is the channel where essential comms come through like billings, public government announcements, and things that we would want and have to read for general security.

Fast setup

If you engage abandoners via SMS, your message will be read more than emails, and you won’t be deemed as annoying as push notifications.

Winback guarantees up to $35 to $100 of revenue for every $1 you spend. I would highly recommend this Shopify marketing contingency app to recover cart abandonment.

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