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How to Make Paper in Minecraft Simple & Easy

How to make paper
Published 2 July 2022

Knowing how to make paper in Minecraft is essential for many crafting recipes. It’s used so much in crafting recipes that almost any Minecraft player at some point early on in their playthroughs will be on the hunt for paper or at the very least, how to make paper in Minecraft.

We’ll show you exactly how to do this while talking about what it’s used for and how you can find the quickest ways to craft it. We’ll also talk about why we think it’s important for every player to invest in paper at some point in their playthroughs due to its few, but very important uses.

Quick Guide

To craft paper, all you need is three sugarcane. Once you have three sugarcane place them in a horizontal line on a crafting table. There should be paper in the output slot of the crafting table.

How to make paper in minecraft crafting recipe

Recipes paper can be used for

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Step 1 – Locating sugarcane

To make paper in Minecraft you need to start off by finding some sugar cane. Sugarcane generates naturally next to rivers in any biome so it’s easy to find most of the time.

The best biome to look for sugar cane in is desert biomes as it has a 6x chance of being generated although water can be tricky to find in the desert so be hopeful that you find a desert lake biome.

The next best place is the swamp if you can’t find the desert, sugar canes have a 2x chance of generating in the swamp and water is much more plentiful there.

How to make paper in minecraft sugarcane location

Step 2 – Crafting paper

Once you have the sugar cane, all you need to do to craft paper is align three pieces of sugarcane horizontally in a crafting table and in the output slot of the crafting table will be three sheets of paper.

How to make paper in minecraft - crafting recipe

What will I use paper for?

It’s crucial for crafting books, books are very important in Minecraft due to the ability to make enchanted books through the enchantment table. Sure you can find the nearest village and destroy the bookshelves but this will only provide you with a limited amount of books.

Finding sugarcane and growing it yourself will provide you with a steady & reliable source of sugarcane to make paper in Minecraft.

Where can I find paper without needing sugarcane?

You can find paper as loot in a few places throughout the overworld. There are 3 primary places you can find your loot including villages, strongholds and shipwrecks.

You can find them in cartographer, map, library and supply chests in these places. Although we recommend using the sugarcane method as it’s much more reliable and common to find sugarcane rather than looting chests in these places.

How to grow my own Sugarcane?

You can grow your own sugarcane by collecting all the sugarcane you see except for the bottom part of the sugarcane stalks. If you leave this intact, the sugarcane will regrow in time. You can replant any parts you’ve collected and they will also grow their own sugarcane stalks too.


As stated earlier, paper is so important in Minecraft. It will primarily be used by players to create enchanted books throughout a playthrough although once a player proceeds far enough through the game.

They will start to find other uses for paper such as fireworks, cartography tables & maps for exploring, although these are considered far less important than enchanted books which at some point, every player will need to start investing in if they’re looking to beat some of the games many bosses.


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