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Is Filmora Good?

Is filmora good?

Made by Wondershare, Filmora is a popular video editing software intended for making high-quality videos. It has an extremely user-friendly interface, making it perfect for beginner video editors. Is Filmora good? This is a tricky question. Every tool has a purpose and a specific job that it has to accomplish. Having this in mind I can surely say that for what was designed to do, Filmora is a good software-tool to have. 

Filmora Main Features

As one of the 5 best video editing software of 2021, Filmora has lots of nice features! It does not compare with the complexity of Adobe Premiere Pro, but it has its own depth in there if you want to get into it.

Here are the features that make Filmora good:

Proxy Rendering and 4K Support

IS filmora good?

The software offers editing support for 4K videos and supports the extremely useful function of proxy editing. This feature is important because it will help you work much faster and easier with 4K footage, it will speed up your workflow considerably.

Color Grading, Color Correction, and Color Match

Advanced color corection in FIlmora

Filmora has an advanced color correction and color grading tools. You can choose one of the presets that is offered to you out of the box or go to the “Adjust” section and modify the values until you obtain what were you looking for.

Advanced color corection in FIlmora

Here you can make use of the Color Enhancement tool, modify the White Balance, use different types of professional 3D LUTs, modify the color settings, play with the light, modify the HSL, or apply a Vignette if that is what you want.

Color match feature in Filmora

Another new and cool feature is the Color Match tool. This tool will automatically match the colors of two different videos. After you select Color Match you will be able to choose a frame from your timeline and this tool will match the colors with the selected clip.

Color match feature in Filmora

Motion Tracking

Tracking inside Filmora

Don`t expect too much out of it, this motion tracking algorithm is a basic one, capable of simple tracking operations. You can create some fun stuff with it but this is pretty much it.


Free animation presets inside FIlmora

Filmora has lots of free templates, text animations, free effects, transitions, animated elements with different thematics, and split-screen presets. Depending on what type of project you are working on, these can be really helpful or not.

Take for example a simple youtube video project, here you will be able to find the use for this stuff, there are not many rules that you have to follow. 

The other example is a commercial for a client that has its own brand image. This client will ask for specific stuff and you will not be able to find the use for these presets.

Chroma Keying

This software is capable of chroma keying, it works really well! With the press of a few buttons, you can completely remove the green screen from your footage, fast and easy!

Keying inside FIlmora

You just have to right-click on the footage and select “green screen” and this is it.

Keying inside FIlmora

Keyboard Shortcuts

Filmora allows you to modify your keyboard shortcuts, this way you can make your own shortcuts and speed up your workflow the way you want!

So, is Filmora good? If you are at the start of your road as a video editor, this software will be more than enough. It is extremely user-friendly and straightforward, you will have no problem learning it really fast! You can use the free version to try it for yourself and see if it works for you.

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