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How to Upload & Add Video to Shopify Pages [Pro Tips]

Add video to shopify page
Published 14 November 2022

Video is a popular form of online media. From a Shopify store owner’s perspective, it is important to be able to upload a product video from time to time to keep visitors interested, conversion rates growing, and online shopping success statistics on the rise.

People have asked us how to add product videos to Shopify pages to aid in this process. There are a few ways to add videos so let’s look into a couple of these in more detail.

Things to know

The only reason to upload a video directly to your web page is to show a small video under around 1.5MB. If you want to show a larger video, I would recommend uploading i to YouTube and embedding it on the page.

I will go through both of these options in this article.

How to upload videos directly to Shopify product pages

We also get asked how to add videos to Shopify products directly, not from other sites, so we’ll tell you how.

Using Shopify’s native page editor

  1. From your Shopify admin, find Settings > Files page
  2. Next, click Upload files and choose your video
  3. Upload your video file
  4. Copy the video URL
Upload video
  1. Paste the video URL to your product page editor. Follow the next steps to see how you can add it.

Next, we need to add the video to the product page

  1. Go to your Shopify product page
  2. Click the “Insert video” option
Insert video
  1. Paste the below code into the box and replace the URL code with your video URL
<video controls="controls" style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;">

<source src="your_url_goes_here" type="video/mp4" />

Replace url
  1. Click the green button, and you’re done!
Video is now added to product page
Example on the store

Using a Shopify page-building app

Using Shopify page building apps, it’s much easier to add a video to a page. all you simply need to do is find the “Video” option, then paste the URL into the box.

For example, using PageFly, you can find the video option using “HTML Video“. You can then paste your video URL into the URL box as shown below.

Html video
Pagefly add video
Click to enlarge

Limitations & recommendation

Directly adding videos to Shopify store pages allows a maximum limit of 19Mb. For larger files, you’ll need a 3rd-party website. I would highly recommend to never add a video of that large onto your web pages though, it will take too long for the page to load for your viewers.

Your aim is to have a video file under 1.5MB. If your video is larger than 1.5MB, I recommend that you upload the video to YouTube, then embed it onto the page.

How to embed a YouTube video to a Shopify product page

Many Shopify store owners want to embed YouTube videos on an external channel but aren’t sure how. Follow the steps below to add a YouTube video to Shopify product pages.

1. Go to the YouTube video & get the code

Open the video link on YouTube and click Share > Embed, and copy the embed code. You can place this embed code directly on to your pages using Shopify’s native page builder or an app that you use.

Click share
Embed youtube
Copy iframe

2. Go to Shopify to paste the code to your page

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard > click “Products
  2. Click your product
  3. Now in the description editor, click “Insert video
Click the video
  1. Paste the YouTube code into the box and click the “Insert video” button
Paste the youtube embed code here
  1. Now you’re done!

Points to remember

An external video does tend to play related ones after an embedded video has ended. To ensure this doesn’t happen, find the video URL in the embed code and add ?rel=0 at the end of the link.


There you have it! It’s quite simple to add videos to your Shopify product pages whether they are uploadeddirectly to Shopify or embdedd from YouTube.

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