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How To Update Lightroom

How to update lightroom
Published 8 August 2020

In case you haven’t activated the automatic updates from the creative cloud, you may be wondering how to update Lightroom.

It’s perfectly understandable though. As in June 2020, Adobe launched one of the most important updates for both Lightroom and Lightroom classic. Besides some very cool new icons, we now have a lot of UI improvements, local hue adjustments, a new crop overlay, some very interesting presets, as well as support for many more cameras and lenses.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how to update Lightroom to the latest version and take advantage of all those amazing new features.

1. Open Your Creative Cloud

As usual, anything you want to do with your Adobe suite can be easily done from the Creative Cloud. Just like I showed you how to add new fonts to Photoshop, I will show you how to update your apps from the Creative Cloud. 

In your dashboard, you will see all the apps you have installed, as well as their status. As you can see, mine are up to date, except for Lightroom, so let’s go ahead and update that. 

How to update lightroom

2. Go To Updates

In the updates tab, you will see all your apps that need to be updated to the latest version. In my case, I need to update the Lightroom app, so I’ll go ahead and click on “Update.”

How to update lightroom

3. Wait For The Update

Now, all you need to do is wait for the app to update, and then you’ll be able to use it freely. 

Additionally, you can also open the “Update” tab of the Creative Cloud directly from Lightroom. You will need to go to the “Help” tab and select “Updates.” 

How to update lightroom

In general, the Creative Cloud program will stay open at all times, and as long as you have the “Auto-Update” turned on, it will automatically update any app to the latest version, as long as you’re not using it. 

In order to turn on automatic updates, you will need to go to your settings in the upper right corner and go to the “Apps” tab. In there, you will be able to select which apps should update automatically when given the opportunity. 

For most apps, you will also see the “Advanced options” tab where you will be able to select if you want it to keep your settings after the upload, or if you want or not to delete the old versions of the software.

It’s usually best to remove the old versions, as they can slow down your computer.

Now you know how to update Lightroom and basically any other app in the Creative Cloud. Adobe made this very easy for all their users, so the Creative Cloud can be considered the control panel for anything you want to do with your apps, from adding fonts, to managing your files and your app settings. 

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